Persian salt lamp

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Properties of rock salt at home

Among the types of rock salt in any type, purity, quality, color, origin, you can have a decorative element for use in the art of arrangement, interior decoration, decoration design and in the art of Feng Shui or even making salt. The salts, which are naturally beautiful in color variation, have a high ability to cut and polish, which adds to their use in the mentioned formats. This decorative salt stone evokes a conscious mind and peace in any space. Since ancient times, rock salt or common salt has been an integral part of the kitchen and home in general. Its many uses go beyond flavoring food. Because of its coarse texture, rock salt is effective in cleaning or removing dirt and stains.

Decorative rock salt can be found in salt lamps, which are now popular in Asia. There are many ways to use salt in cleaning a room, and while some people may opt for a salt lamp, a simple bowl of salt works just as well. Avoid a porous bowl such as untreated wood as the salt will spoil it within days.

Persian salt lamp

Where to put rock salt in the house?

Place a handful of decorative rock salt in a stylish decorative plate and place it in your bathroom, living room or bedroom. Glass bowls containing rock salt can be placed in the corners of the room and removed after 10-12 hours. During this time, salt absorbs the negative energies of the atmosphere and transfers its positive energy to the surrounding space.

Sometimes a room needs a little spiritual cleaning, placing rock salt in the corners of the room or at least one corner can have a great effect. It is also interesting to know that many cultures around the world use the healing power of decor rock salt for blessing. Giving space and pulling out negative forces have been used.

Persian salt lamp

Persian salt lamp sales center

To buy decorative rock salt, you should buy from places that have natural rock salt with a high percentage of purity, great variety and reasonable price. One of the decorative salt stone sales centers is Zima Salt, which covers all the tastes of customers.

Persian salt lamp products

Persian salt lamp

Halito rock salt sales center is another biggest rock salt sales center where you can buy rock salt in the form of rock salt lampshades.

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