iran rock salt

Purchase iran rock salt directly from miner, edible rock salt, pink and red rock salt, white rock salt, very rare blue rock salt, crystal rock salt, animal salt lick for export.

Rock salt mines are scientifically one of the most interesting environments whose products are used in many fields. Has set.

Due to its vast size, these mines attract almost all visitors; Even seeing this amount of salt in such a vast space, alone is enough to surprise any person.

iran rock salt

Application of white mineral rock salt

White mineral salt rock has different uses and properties. In total, there are two main methods for exploiting mineral salt rock:

  • Crushing stone and turning it into various types of industrial salt granulation
  • Use it in the form of stones without crushing

Crushed rock salt, which is one of the products extracted from rock salt mines, can be used for the production of decorations and for decorative purposes, although their only properties are not beauty and decoration, but also have medical benefits. In the case of crushed and powdered rock salt, there is no need to explain the extent to which it is widely used in various fields, including food and industry.

iran rock salt

Export of pink rock salt

What will change the color of rock salt is the presence of some minerals other than sodium and chloride in it. It should be said that other elements are not always a negative factor, but sometimes in such circumstances, the presence of a special additional element in rock salt will change its color and more attractive, and will change the use of rock salt.

In pink salt rock, the presence of elements such as iron and magnesium causes discoloration and is much more attractive for decorative and decorative purposes.

Export of pink rock salt is another service that has been done by relying on the products of Garmsar rock salt mine and has been well received due to the quality of the products produced. If you need to participate in this part of the salt trade, you can rely on these products.

iran rock salt

Familiarity with animal rock salt

Animal rock salt is one of the most widely used salt rock rocks, in which white and streaked white rock rock has the most volume.

The animal’s body needs to absorb the right amount of sodium in its diet, and this is in order to provide the salt it needs. To do this, large salt stones are placed in the farm and the animal during the consumption of its daily food. By licking and rubbing its tongue on this stone, it absorbs the salt it needs.

The quality of salt rock is very important in this regard because eating other minerals and impurities can damage the health and diet of livestock. Salt rock prepared in Garmsar rock salt mine is ideal for this category of uses.

iran rock salt

Purchase from Iran rock salt mine

There are several ways to buy rock salt, but we suggest you buy it directly from the rock salt mine.

iran rock salt

Depending on the type of product and its volume, you can register your order and buy the purest product on the market from the mine.

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Iran rock salt for export

Direct purchase from a rock salt mine has another very important advantage besides access to the best price. The speed of preparation and delivery of orders in this sector is largely acceptable and higher than other manufacturers on the market.

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