Iran salt factory

Purchase industrial salt from Iran salt factory, export of edible iodine salt to Armenia, Georgia, refined salt in 20 kg bag, with all certificate.

Purchase of industrial salt from Garmsar Salt Factory, producer of industrial salt for Iraq, Oman, UAE, Armenia market, delivery of granulated salt throughout Iran, Isfahan, Tabriz, Kermanshah.

industrial salt

Industrial salt is one of the types of salts. In fact, it is the unrefined form of table salt, which, of course, has a lower purity than table salt. As its name suggests, this type of salt is used in industries. This salt is mostly used in industries such as water and sewage treatment, acid production, production of sanitary materials and detergents, leather tanning, etc.

Iran salt factory

Introduction of different types of industrial salt

Industrial salt, like many other materials, has different types. Different types of industrial salt have different shapes, grades and names. Among the most important and widely used ones, we can mention pea salt, sugar salt, fishing salt, oyster salt, powdered salt, road salt and drilling salt.

Oyster salt: It is called oyster salt because the particles of this salt have a lot of shine and transparency. This type of salt has the smallest size among salts.

Sugar salt: Sugar salt is called this because its grains are very similar to sugar grains. This type of salt is mostly used in industries such as salting meat, adding it to Liqvan cheese and drilling.

Fishery salt: Fishery salt, as its name suggests, is used in fisheries and disinfection. Among its other uses, we can point out water hardness, activation of deactivated resins, leather industry, etc.

Iran salt factory

What is the difference between edible and industrial salt?

Edible and industrial salt are different in their degree of purity. In this way, industrial salt is less pure. Also, they are different from each other in cases such as not being refined and not having iodine. The degree of purity of edible salt is 99%, which causes long-term problems for body health due to purification.

Iran salt factory

Iran salt factory

It is interesting to know that the largest salt production factories are located in Garmsar city. These factories produce all kinds of industrial and edible salt. A large number of industrial salt factories in Garmsar do not benefit from modern technologies, and this problem causes many disturbances in salt packaging and their export.

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Halito salt factory is equipped with up-to-date devices for crushing and packing all kinds of salt, in some salt mines there are devices such as crushers and rock crushing machines that perform the process of making salt powder on the spot and others. There is no need to use this process in factories.

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