Export of Semnan salt

Export of Semnan salt for Iraqi market, Industrial salt size 3 to 5 mm, white salt size 1 to 2.5 mm, edible refined iodized salt in 25 kg bag.

Semnan export salt for the Iraqi market, refined table salt, iodine 40 and iodine 60, 20 and 25 kilo bags, possibility of border delivery, providing a certificate for the product to leave the border.

History of salt in Iran

Exported salt includes all types of salt including:

  • mineral salt
  • Refined salt
  • Unrefined salt with different sizes
  • Blue salt
  • And the salt is pink.

The history of salt in Iran goes back to the time of the Aryans and 6000 years before Christ. The use of salt to preserve food has a long history. This feature, as well as its equal value with gold and coins, made salt become a commercial commodity and was traded in the whole world and Iran. The history of salt trade in Iran is related to the discovery of the bodies of 6 mummified men in a salt mine in Zanjan.

Probably, these people were buried there due to the collapse of the mine. Explorers date it to the Achaemenid period and 2350 years old. Most of the civilizations were formed next to the waters and salt mines, salt had a higher value than grain because they could not store grain without salt. Therefore, salt was traded with grains in the form of feet or legs. Salt trade existed in England, China and Iran.

Export of Semnan salt

Export of salt to Iraq

Export refined salt is one of the products that are exported to Iraq. Salt is exported to Iraq through its producers. Many countries need to import salt to meet their needs, and Iraq is one of them. Of course, the export of this product requires knowledge of the target market, planning and export science.

The high quality of Iranian salt has made it famous in the world. Iran is one of the seven salt producing countries. Exported salt has a good opportunity for Iran’s presence in the world markets and the entry of currency into Iran. The existence of an export program can be very profitable for the exporting country and the importing country. According to its production capacity, Iran can provide food and non-food needs in Iraq. The largest export of salt is from Garmsar and Semnan mines.

Export of Semnan salt

Export of Semnan salt

Semnan export salt with a purity higher than 99% is considered to be the best edible salt and is offered to the export market. Due to the excellent quality of Semnan salt rock, there are many salt production factories in this province. Among the reasons for Semnan’s privilege in the field of salt, it goes back to its transportation line and railway line, which made it very easy to transport salt from there to the customs destination.

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Export of Semnan salt

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