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Manufacturer of hydromil edible salt in Iran, refined salt purity 99.2 %, in 25 kg bag, iodine and without iodine, supply edible salt to Armenia, Iraq and Azerbaijan.

Hydromill salt producer in Semnan province, edible salt factory, Garmsar salt factory, sale of special salt for distribution and packaging factories, sending salt to Tehran and Isfahan in 20 kg bags, iodized and non-iodized salt.

The production of hydromill salt is considered a part of the refined salt production process, which is done using a hydromill machine. There are many ways to purify salt, but in this article, we are going to deal specifically with the hydromil purification method for salt purification.

Salt purification method

The presence of impurities in rock salt causes us to face serious problems in the field of table salt production. For this purpose, many chemical processes must be done to reach the original form of table salt. All the processes that are done to produce table salt will increase the cost of table salt.

Apart from the method of producing hydromil salt, there are other methods that we will mention a few examples of:

  • Salt purification by Salex method
  • Salt purification by recrystallization method
  • Mechanized method of salt purification

edible salt manufacturer

The difference between hydromil salt and recrystallization

The issue of the difference between hydromil salt and recrystallization and the issue of how to purify in these methods are part of the things we intend to remind you of. Usually, in the hydromill method, rock salt is completely washed to remove the surface contamination of rock salt.

Then they enter the hydromill rock salt into the hydromill machine. Salt crystals break to some extent when they come in contact with water pressure. Exposure to water pressure causes the amount of concentrated salt impurities to be released.

In the next stage of hydromil salt production, the impurities in the salt crystals are separated by centrifuges. In order to keep the purity of the salt better, it is recommended to use a hydromill machine.

But in the salt recrystallization method, water pressure is not used. The best table salt is obtained when the mineral salt is dissolved in water and then the impurities are separated by recrystallization. After separation by recrystallization method, salt crystals are iodized and supplied in sanitary packages.

Rock salt obtained from mines is damaged by special devices. After the rock salt is completely dissolved in the water tanks, saturated salt will be produced. After that, the impurities in the solution are filtered by special filters.

edible salt manufacturer

Edible salt manufacturer in Iran

Refined hydromil salt has a better price than other salts in the market. Granulation separation has been used in the purification by the hydromil refined salt method. The purification method with the hydromill device makes the refined salt meet the needs of customers in various industries.

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edible salt manufacturer

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