iodized refined salt

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Introduction of hydromil refined salt

In general, there are different ways to produce salt. One of these methods is the hydromill method, which can be used to produce refined salt. In the hydromill method, compared to other methods of salt production, the amount of fossil energy used in the purification process is much less, for this reason, this method is considered as a green method in salt production.

Lake salt is used to produce refined hydromil salt. Therefore, the evaporation method has been used in the production process of this type of salt. In hydromil edible salt, the amount of salt impurities is minimized by using the physical method, and the degree of salt purity is 2.99%.

Compared to other refined salts in the market, Hydromil’s refined salt has a reasonable price. Granulation separation in this type of salt is done correctly and for this reason, the needs of customers in different industries are covered.

iodized refined salt

Wholesale of edible salt in bulk

The most important uses of edible salt are its use as a food seasoning. Restaurants, department stores and some households prefer to buy edible and refined salt in bulk. Bulk purchase of edible salt is economical.

Another use of edible salt is the production of chicken feed. The use of bulk edible salt for the production of chicken feed is economically more suitable. Due to the abundance of salt rock mines in Semnan province, as well as Urmia’s salt lake, Iran has no problem in the field of preparing edible salt.

iodized refined salt

Export of iodized refined salt to Iraq

Iran is one of the largest producers of salt in the world due to its abundant salt mines. Iran has the 16th rank among them. Neighboring countries are the best destinations for the export of refined Iranian salt. It is interesting to know that more than 80% of salt produced in Garmsar city is exported to Iraq. As a result, Iraq is one of the important target markets for Iran’s refined salt.

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iodized refined salt

In recent years, due to currency fluctuations, many Iraqi businessmen tend to do business with Iran. One of the most important areas of trade between Iraq and Iran is in the field of salt. Iraq does not have any source of salt production. This factor has caused Iraq to turn more and more towards Iran for salt production.

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