exported types of rock salt

The production of exported types of rock salt is done at a very reasonable and affordable price in the country. This production has the best quality and has a very special effect and beauty, and also has many features and benefits that have increased its efficiency.

Introduction of different rock salts produced in Iran

Salt rocks are sodium chloride minerals that can come in a variety of colors if impurities enter. For example, black is formed when uranium and carbon impurities enter. These minerals are visible in hot, dry environments. When sunlight shines on them, a special energy is created in them, which has led to their unique features and applications.

exported types of rock salt

Export rock salt production center

Sale of exported rock salt is done at a very reasonable and affordable price, the last price of the stones, since it increases or decreases due to market fluctuations, can have a different price at any time, and you can be informed of the latest Changes in the final price of quality exported rock salt can be contacted by our experts on this site to be informed of the latest price changes.

exported types of rock salt

The price of these stones is much cheaper if they are wholesale, because in their wholesale price, you are actually considered as a wholesaler, and not an ordinary customer, on the other hand, the price of this product, if directly. It is more affordable than the usual market prices because it is considered factory price for this product. Because this product no longer includes additional costs, including intermediate costs, such as additional shipping costs, maintenance costs of these stones, and similar costs that can change the price, you only pay the original factory price.

exported types of rock salt

Some centers, such as our sales centers, have also considered special discounts due to their special sales, which has made it cheaper. Export-quality export stones are very valuable and the price you pay is less than their value. It is very profitable for you.

Due to its high quality, salt rock is exported in large volumes in the country.

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