iran crystal rock salt

Price of iran crystal rock salt, highest purity at the world 99.9 %, supply per month 60 tons, export at delivery at destination.

Introducing different types of rock salt in Iran

In this article, we want to introduce different types of rock salt in Iran, for this purpose, you can continue to be with us.
There are different types of rock salt, such as edible salt rock and decorative salt rock.
These stones have a lot of energy, and when we put them in the house, they absorb negative energies and take on a turbid color, or sometimes you notice light-colored or brownish-brown spots on them.
When the sun shines on this stone, it becomes very beautiful and shines, and it receives energy again.
This stone grows in hot and dry environments and is found in these environments.
Many people use this as oral salt and clean and use it during the changes they make on it.
This stone also has a medicinal effect, people who have livestock use this stone to cure their digestive disease.

iran crystal rock salt

Iran crystal rock salt

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Crystal rock salt per kg .16 $

iran crystal rock salt

The price of rock salt also depends on many factors, one of which is quality.
The lower the impurity of this product, the higher its price, and the higher its gross price, the cheaper it is.
You can buy this product for yourself in any price range you want, and there is no problem in this regard.
People choose and buy a stone based on the efficiency of the stone.
Customers, when they are satisfied with the desired price and quality, then they can buy again from this center and be a regular customer.

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