crystal rock salt

Purchase crystal rock salt from Iran directly,  clear crystal rock salt completely glass and very rare, monthly supply up to 50 tons.

As you know, rock salt has many uses that everyone has long believed that rock salt has many properties for the environment and the body.

You can go to reputable sales offices to select and receive information on how to sell crystal rock salt directly, and note that rock salt is available in a variety of decorative and functional rock salt, each of which has a special direct sale.

crystal rock salt

What is crystalline rock salt?

A rock salt that is very clear and shiny and can be easily detected with the naked eye is called a crystal rock salt.

This type of rock salt has many applications in the pharmaceutical industry and the production of cosmetics.

Salt rock has different models that can be pure or impure, and its pure models are very rare and have much more properties.

Crystalline rock salts are naturally and artificially produced.

The rock of crystalline salt is composed of the elements sodium and chlorine.

Crystalline rock salt has many properties that are very good and full of properties to keep at home, these stones increase happiness and vitality in the home environment and increase the concentration of the mind, if you smoke at home. The presence of salt stones eliminates the odor and germs caused by smoking, so it cures and reduces asthma and allergies. These salt stones reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep at night, the presence of salt stones It cleans the air of the house and also uses fine salt stones to clean the skin, which causes transparency and elimination of dead skin cells.

crystal rock salt

Crystalline rock salt distribution center

Our factory is one of the top producers of colored salt rock and crystal salt rock, which we are one of the largest and most important distribution centers of this type of rock in Iran, and we offer the best and purest type of rock rock in various sizes and sizes.

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crystal rock salt

Dear customers, for information on how to produce, sell and price our products, you can refer to the company’s website or, if you wish, visit our sales offices and see the products and ensure their quality and purity, Buy pure and high quality crystalline rock salt at the most reasonable price.

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