Crystal Rock Salt Importers 2020

Types of natural great Crystal Rock Salt from Iranian mines are offered for really export to different countries without adding great color to rock salt. Many experts, after examining Iran’s great rock salt, have recognized its value and also have taken action to purchase it. The bulk export of edible and industrial rock salt in the bulk and packaged through the country’s borders to Europe has really become possible. Industrial great salts are not consumed orally due to their low purity. if you want to know about rock salt formula, persian salt benefits; stay with is till the end.

Crystal Rock Salt

Best Crystal Rock Salt Properties

Iran’s salt mines in different various regions and lakes, including big Lake Qom and Urmia, have really many reserves of this mineral. Lake Urmia has the largest salt reserves in this country’s lakes, but really due to the problems that really have arisen, the quality of the salt in this big lake has changed and also decreased. There are about 40 active great mines in the area, from which about 10,000 tons of the salt are extracted daily. To preserve great iodine in iodized salt, salt should be really consumed in less than a year. Keep this away from light and moisture, and in containers in the plastic, wooden, earthenware or dark glass great packaging. Also, when cooking, it is best to add salt at the end of the cooking to keep the iodine as low as really possible.

Crystal Rock Salt

Crystal Rock Salt Importing countries

Exporting export salt is vital for any country’s trade. With 68 types of minerals, Iran ranks tenth in terms of variety of reserves. At present, more than 70% of salt in Iran is extracted from Garmsar mines, some of which are consumed as rock. Salt is a mineral with unlimited reserves in the world that has many applications in various industries, including petrochemicals. Iran ranks 8th in terms of salt mining diversity. In terms of production and extraction, it is one of the top seven countries in the world. Iran’s share of global salt exports is less than 3%.

Crystal Rock Salt

China is the world’s largest producer of salt. After China, the United States and India ranked second and third in the world’s largest salt producers. Salt exports In recent years, Iraq has become Iran’s most important export market. Africa is weak in terms of salt storage, so it could be a good market for Iranian salt exports. The Emirate, Qatar and Iraq are Iran’s export markets. However, there is also salt storage in Iraq. However, due to the special problems of Iraq, no investment has been made in this sector, which is why it is a good market for the export of Iranian salt. Most of Iran’s salt exports go to Armenia, Iraq, Turkey, Turkmenistan and the United Arab Emirates.

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