Export livestock rock salt

Export livestock rock salt to Qatar and the UAE in 15 kg bag, white and red rock salt high quality and low price.

In order to meet the meat needs of each country, livestock units must work more vigorously, and neighboring countries provide the raw materials they need to achieve this goal. Livestock salt is one of the products exported to these countries and helps them to meet their livestock needs effectively.

What is the use of livestock rock salt?

In order to understand the importance of rock salt, it is necessary to be familiar with the various applications it has for livestock, which can have a great impact on meat production.
However, it is clear that sodium is one of the most important elements in metabolic activity and it should be noted that the use of rock salt can solve this problem.
Today, however, salts are mostly used to prevent gastrointestinal diseases in livestock, which have had some special effects in this area.

In particular, the consumption of rock salt can cause a lot of oral and dental diseases, and cows can get the best nutrition by using their teeth.
Fortunately, rock salt is placed next to the size of supplements, which has led to an increase in livestock growth.
The types of rock salt can be different depending on the mineral they are made of, but sodium is an element that can be seen in the structure of all of them.

Export livestock rock salt

Export livestock rock salt

Due to the high number of salt mines in Iran, many products in this sector can be offered to countries that are applying for this product.

Export livestock rock salt

By using its experienced forces, the Halito rock salt group has been able to conclude large commercial contracts in this field and meet most of the needs of neighboring countries.
Given the huge potential of the industry, it is to be hoped that in the coming years Iranian products will have a special place in this field.

All countries want to increase their meat production, and for this purpose, they should get the most help from Iranian products such as rock salt.

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