rock salt in bulk

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Bulk salt rock is used specifically in certain places that are engaged in production work. For this reason, they are usually sold together. Examples are iodized and refined salt factories or livestock farms.

Buy rock salt in bulk

Bulk salt rock is usually purchased by people who need a large amount of salt in their production work. Buying bulk salt for such people can reduce production costs. For this reason, this method of purchase has received a lot of attention.

One of the most important issues in buying bulk salt rock is its price. The price of this type of salt can vary depending on the purity of the salt, the size of the grains and the type of packaging they have. Therefore, in order to buy, all these factors must be considered in turn.

rock salt in bulk

Livestock rock salt

As you know, one of the places where the use of bulk salt rock is much needed is livestock farms. The use of rock salt is considered as one of the most important and valuable foods in the diet of livestock because of its benefits for livestock. Therefore, people active in this field buy bulk salt. Consumption of salt for livestock prevents them from contracting various diseases and causes minerals to reach the body of livestock.

rock salt in bulk

Sell ​​bulk refined salt

Bulk salt ore is usually sold to salt factories. In fact, this type of factory refines it by buying bulk salts. The refined salts are then supplied to buyers in a variety of packages. Bulk refined salts are packaged in 20 or 25 kg packages. If we want to talk about the process of producing refined salt from bulk salt rock, we can mention the following:

  • Grinding rock salt extracted from mines
  • Add a variety of chemicals to remove impurities and complete deposition of magnesium and calcium
  • Separation of salt crystals by centrifuges
  • Washing salt crystals
  • Drying salt crystals using special dryers
  • Add iodine to salt
  • Salt packaging by fully automatic machines

rock salt in bulk

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Today, bulk refined salt is sold in different cities of Iran and consumers of this product can easily meet their needs and have access to this product.

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