Industrial salt manufacturer

Industrial salt manufacturer in Iran, salt in 25 kg bag, mesh size .5 mm to 5 mm, capacity monthly 850 tons.

Production of industrial salt of chickpea sugar powder, powder and small shells, sale of industrial salt with 50 kg, 25 kg bags and jumbo bags, Garmsar industrial salt for export to Iraq, Oman and Afghanistan.

Introduction of industrial salts

Industrial salt, which has a lower purity than table salt; It is produced in different grades and sizes, each of which has its own application. High quality industrial salt is sold in Halito collection. Some types of industrial salts of Halito collection are:

Sugar: Sugar salt is also known as drilling salt and is so called because its grains are the size of sugar. This salt is used in oil and gas industries for drilling oil wells. This salt is used in food industries such as cheese production and salting meat. The mesh size of this salt is 110.

Fisheries: Fishery salt is a salt whose grains are between half and one centimeter. This industrial salt is widely used in fisheries and aquaculture. It is also used to harden water and regenerate resins and the leather industry.

Powder: Powdered salt has the smallest size of industrial salt in terms of size and is used for livestock and poultry feed, detergent production, production of various acids and in the recycling industry.

Oyster: Oyster salt, which is produced in 120 and 130 mice, is used in water and wastewater treatment. Because of the transparency of the grains of this salt, it is called oyster salt.

Industrial salt manufacturer

Industrial salt production stages

The production process of industrial salt is not much different from table salt. After the salts have been collected from lakes or salt mines; It is taken to salt factories and after initial washing, it is turned into different parts using large industrial mills. Using special screens, these grains are classified into different meshes. In the stages of industrial salt production, steps such as hardening, removal of heavy metals from salt, deposition of calcium and magnesium, addition of iodine, etc. are not observed because this salt is not used as table salt.

The production of industrial salt has fewer steps and less cost than table salt, and less technology is used to produce it.

Industrial salt manufacturer

Industrial salt manufacturer

Owners of industries such as aquaculture growers, natural leather producers, water and wastewater treatment plants, nuclear energy industries, etc. use industrial salt in abundance. It is profitable for these industries to buy salt in bulk from industrial salt sales centers. Industrial salt is also sold mainly by producer centers.

Industrial salt manufacturer

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