Wholesale of red rock salt

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Wholesale of  ​​red rock salt

In decorative salt stone sales centers, different types of rock salts with different colors can be seen. Red salt rock is also used as an edible rock salt due to the presence of iron, magnesium and potassium. Red rock salt can be an attractive stone for making salt rock lampshades. Because these stones with their special exposure create a unique beauty in the environment.

The combination of rock salt with other underground and mineral rocks causes a red color in them. When buying red rock salt, make sure that its color is completely natural, because some manufacturers color the stones to make them more marketable.

Wholesale of red rock salt

Persian salt lamp factory

Many reputable stores in Tehran sell decorative salt stones with a variety of designs. Decorative rock salt can be a very attractive and practical accessory for work and home. In the principles of ancient Chinese philosophy and art, namely Feng Shui, salt rock is highly valued; Feng Shui believes that rock salt can be a natural electric charger that dissipates positive energies in the scattered environment and negative energies.

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Wholesale of red rock salt

Placing decorative rock salt in the dark corners of the house, bedroom, hallway, bathroom and next to the pots can give a special effect to the environment. Combining these stones with honey wax candles can help strengthen the element of soil and fire and create a lot of energy in the environment.

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Livestock and poultry nutrition experts recommend that rock salt be included in the diet of livestock. Salt rock has long been sold as one of the best and cheapest dietary supplements for livestock. Rock salt has many benefits for livestock, which can be mentioned as follows:

Increasing the weight of livestock : To increase the production rate in broiler livestock, several solutions are suggested to farmers; One way is to include rock salt in their diet. Livestock feel thirsty by eating rock salt and drink a lot of water. On the other hand, consumption of rock salt increases the appetite of livestock and their weight increases in a short time. Salt rock can also be effective in increasing the livestock population because it reduces infertility in the livestock population.

Preventing sudden death : Salt provides many minerals to livestock and disinfects their digestive tract; On the other hand, it balances the electrolytes in their body; All of these prevent diseases such as inflammation, bulimia, pica and milk fever and increase their lifespan.

Wholesale of red rock salt

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Salt rock sales centers sell animal salt rock with high purity. Mountain salt rock is more suitable for livestock than sea salt rock due to the lack of heavy elements.

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