Persian salt lamp

Manufacturer of Persian salt lamp in cedar and Globe models, many persian models with wooden base, nice models with persian sticky.

Manufacturer of cedar and sphere design salt rock night lamps, wholesale sale of decorative salt rocks, with and without lights, types of salt rocks with lights with wooden base, rock salt rock, pyramid, moon and star design, for bulk purchase from the largest production center Call rock salt.

The air around us is the most important part of our life. This air has small components such as positive and negative ions. These magnetic currents have a direct effect on air quality. Today, with the advancement of science and technology, new ways for this problem are presented by many researchers. One of these ways is to use a salt bed lamp.

By using salt bed lamp, it will help many people to reduce pollution and increase air quality.

Properties of Persian salt lamp

The lights that are made must be made of high quality salts. Because there are more than eighty types of special compounds and compounds, which are useful for human health. These substances and compounds will be absorbed by the human body through air breathing.

Since salt is known as a natural medicine. Today, it is the best option and the most natural treatment for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Researchers recommend to use rock salt sleeping lamp to treat diseases such as asthma, sinusitis and respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, rheumatism, stress and depression, abnormal fatigue and migraine.

Persian salt lamp

Making a salt lamp with rock salt

To make a useful salt bed lamp, salt stones are first extracted and transported to factories. There, the stones are crushed into smaller pieces by means of special tools. Then they are cut into the desired shape.

After washing, holes are made inside it and the lamp is placed inside it.

Persian salt lamp

Sale of salt lamps in Iran

Salt lamp is sold for various purposes such as decoration, removal of sore eyes, removal of negative energies and treatment. This product can be purchased in different shapes and sizes in Tehran and a number of other cities. Sales can be done in person as well as through orders to sales offices.

By buying and using this lamp, you can stay safe from the existence of various viruses that are around us. This property is strangely more found in these rock salt lamps. which have the ability to absorb polluted particles in the air.

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Persian salt lamp

The manufacturers of this product have also made the possibility of sale available to applicants, companies and agencies. You can easily make a purchase inquiry through any communication method and then make a purchase.

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