industrial salt factory

Garmsar industrial salt factory size 3 to 5 mm, produce capacity monthly 1300 tons, supply industrial iodine salt to Georgia, Armenia.

Garmsar Industrial Coarse Fishery Salt Factory, completely one-hand granulation, purity higher than 98%, suitable for industrial use, water hardening, resin regeneration, ice factory, olive extraction.

Introduction of industrial salt

Salt in Iran has a lot of diversity, which has different uses and is used in various industries. All kinds of salt, including fishing salt, edible salt, industrial salt, etc., are produced and marketed in Iranian factories. The difference between coarse industrial salt is the purity of the minerals in it compared to table salt.

Due to the high costs of salt purification, many factories sell most of the extracted rock salt in raw form to the market. In such a way that no purification, crushing and addition of iodine is done on them.

The amount of pure minerals in industrial salt is lower than table salt, because they are not refined and iodine is not added to them. Industrial salt has many uses, which include:

  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • acidification
  • skin tanning
  • Production of detergents and hygiene products

There are different types of industrial salt such as fishing salt, pea salt, sugar salt, oyster salt, powdered salt, drilling salt and road salt. The grains in coarse industrial salt have the largest dimensions among the salts available in the market, which are about 5 to 10 mm.

industrial salt factory

industrial salt factory

After entering the factory, the large salt rocks enter the crushing machine and are turned into smaller pieces. The dimensions of these salts, like fishing salt, are slightly larger than peas and smaller than walnuts, which are between 5 and 10 mm. Coarse grain salt has industrial uses and its types are used in different industries. The rest of the salts are chopped into smaller sizes and prepared for other uses.

industrial salt factory

Application of big size salt in industries

Fishing salt is called this because of its use in the fishing industry and also for disinfection. Note that this is only one of the uses of fishing salt and it is used in various industries. The use of this salt can be seen in many industries.

The industrial uses of fishing salt are:

  • It is used in treatment plants
  • It is used for resin regeneration
  • It is used to harden water
  • It is used in animal husbandry
  • Industrial salt is used in boilers

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industrial salt factory

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