Decor rock salt

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Removal of negative energy with rock salt

Today, salt stones with different shapes are used in home decoration. Their extraordinary properties have caused them to be used in making various decorative items and their use is also highly recommended in two schools of yoga and feng shui. Rock salt purifies the air in the home, creates peace and removes the negative energy of the environment. Chlorine and sodium are elements that make up salt.

When salt crystallizes, it creates salt rocks, and when sunlight shines on this crystal, it emits a kind of natural energy. The ions in rock salt absorb the dust in the air, which cleans the air. Air purification reduces respiratory problems and allergies caused by the presence of dust in the environment. Another feature of salt stones is the creation of negative ions in the environment. It is interesting to know that the presence of negative ions reduces migraine headaches and anxiety, regulates blood pressure and strengthens the body’s immune system.

Decor rock salt

Salt shop in Tehran

Pure salt, which does not have any environmental pollutants, is called rock salt, which consists of about 84 elements. As you know, all these elements have many benefits for the human body. The most important of these elements are calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium and copper, all of which are essential elements of the body.

Using salt in food improves digestion, increases appetite and soothes heartburn. There are many stores to buy salt stones in Tehran. To buy high-quality and pure varieties, it is better to contact our experts to get the necessary guidance.

Decor rock salt

Online shopping for Decor rock salt

These days, many people use decorative rock salt in their home decoration. Various types of decorative items made using rock salt can be found in online stores. Lampshades, candlesticks and bedside lamps can be mentioned among these devices. In addition to beautifying the appearance of the home, these devices also eliminate the negative energy of the environment and bring happiness and freshness to the environment.

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Decor rock salt

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