Salt factory

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The production and sales center of powdered salt in a 25 kg bag, powdered salt is very sensitive to moisture, so the Halito collection only supplies this salt in laminated bags, small quantities are also sent to factories near Garmsar for order registration and shipping. Call again.

The method of producing powder salt

Powdered salt is one of the types of salt that has specific uses. We will talk about the uses of this salt in the following articles. This salt, which has many customers, is a very important product. The production method of this product is very simple but precise. The major and main difference in types of salt is in two things. The size of the crystals and their purity. After extracting rock salt from its mine, these stones enter crushing machines. Rocks and salt stones are crushed in these machines. First, the pounding operation is performed, then the crushed pieces of rock salt are powdered in the grinding machines. Then the obtained powder passes through the sieve and is granulated. It obtains the smallest grains of salt. In this way, salt powder is produced.

Salt factory

Application of powder salt in industry

As we mentioned, powdered salt has many uses. Of course, due to the small crystal grains and the presence of impurities, this salt is only used for industrial purposes. Many industries are in the list of customers and consumers of this product. Including:

  • Ice factories
  • Factories producing raw materials
  • Nut producers
  • Food and food industries
  • Livestock and poultry feed producers
  • Fish breeding ponds

This salt is also referred to by different names such as Serandi salt. Owners of various industries use this salt for its various properties. Disinfection, preservation of products, flavoring of materials, etc. are some of the benefits of this salt for various industries. The market for this product is very hot right now. Meanwhile, brokers and middlemen have increased the price of this product. We have made an offer for you to buy this salt at an affordable price.

Salt factory

Iran powder Salt factory

If you are engaged in one of the industries related to powdered salt and need this product, don’t worry. These products are sold in different packages and bags. By buying this salt in bulk from the factory, you can reduce your costs significantly. Most of the time, Serandi salt reaches the main consumer through several intermediaries. This will increase the purchase cost.

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Salt factory

Wholesale sale of powdered salt can be a great opportunity for you. Buy as much and as much as you need at a reasonable price.

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