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iran rock salt

Largest iran rock salt supply and export center, orange rock salt, blue rock salt, red rock salt, pink rock salt in jumbo bag delivery at mundra and shanghai port.

Decor salt lamp Production

Buying and selling salt rock has become much more important today due to its greater familiarity with the extraordinary properties of this high-quality mineral, and in this regard, the variety of decorative rock salt designs has become much greater than before.

Decorative rock salt is widely used and has always been considered because it is used for beauty and decoration change in addition to its healing properties.

Therapeutic properties of decorative rock salt, beauty, naturalness of decorative salt rock, cutting salt rock in various forms, unparalleled acceptance of decorative salt rocks, are among the factors that have led to the prosperity of the production of decorative salt rock.

Decorative salt stones are produced in various forms and are also sold as practical decorative items.

iran rock salt

Buy raw rock salt

Decorative salt stone manufacturers are among the buyers of raw salt stones, and manufacturers of salt stone bedside lamps buy different types of salt stones in different formats by buying raw salt stones and using lathes.

After cutting the raw rock salt using special devices, deep engraving is done on the rock salt.

Some artists buy raw decorative rock salt and give a more beautiful look to salt rock, for example, printing different prints on rock salt or doing natural paintings.

Raw rock salt is not only used for decorative purposes, but also for the sale and use of raw salt for industrial use.

One of the special applications of rock salt in the industry is its use as hard rock salt.

Note that raw rock is salt that is extracted from a mine and has the shape of a clump and its natural rock.

Also, no refining and processing operations have been carried out on these salt rocks, and many factories buy this rock salt and use it to produce industrial and edible salt.

iran rock salt

Sell Sleeping salt lamp

Having a bedside lamp in your bedroom can give you a good night’s sleep. .

Salt rock bedside lamp has the ability to purify the room air with ionization action because, as we know, salt rock is composed of positive and negative ions, which are exposed to light when the crystal structure of salt; It is able to emit negative ions into the room.

The release of negative ions into the room neutralizes the positive ions. The positive ions are generated by electromagnetic waves from various means of communication, such as mobile phones and televisions. They are a destructive factor for the human body and soul.

These positive ions scattered by electromagnetic waves cause negative waves in the room. These negative waves are absorbed by the body and over time cause disorders such as insomnia, restlessness and tension for the body, if a natural factor that can cause ions. Spread the negative in space and repel the negative waves generated in the bedroom; Significantly, peace can prevail in human beings.

Note that the presence of negative ions is not only useful for balancing the human body, but also for the treatment of many skin diseases.

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If you are in an environment saturated with negative sodium ions, you can feel its significant impact on your skin.

iran rock salt

Edible rock salt exporter

Many of us think that rock salt is purely industrial and decorative, and that rock salt cannot be used as food unless it is used for livestock and poultry.

It should be noted that until 30 years ago, when the salt processing and manufacturing industries were not very advanced, rock salt was extracted from the mines and made available to everyone for use after washing.

Of course, it should be noted that in many countries, the use of rock salt is recognized as natural and unprocessed, and the purity of salt is not a prerequisite for its oral consumption!

But in many countries, including our country, salt, Iran must be refined, ie the rock salt extracted from the mine must be completely transformed in order to be consumed as food.

Edible rock salt is a natural and organic material and is extracted from clean and natural salt domes, among which Garmsar salt rock has the highest percentage of purity.

Of course, edible rock salt do not only lead to white rock salt, but there are other types that are more popular in international markets than in Iran.

White edible rock salt is used for a variety of purposes, not all of which are directly related to human food.

Fish processing, olive processing, pickle processing, canned food production, dairy industry such as curd and local cheese production, and the production of spicy foods are among the industries that use large-scale edible rock salt.

Edible rock salt can also have healing properties, for example, mixing edible rock salt with milk and facial massage with it destroys skin blemishes. A mixture of olive oil or bitter almond oil with edible rock salt can exfoliate the skin. On the other hand, a mixture of edible rock salt with olive oil and foot bone massage with it can destroy osteoporosis.

Salt rock contains many minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, and in traditional medicine the emphasis has been on the use of edible rock salt.

iran rock salt

Wholesale persian blue salt

It may be interesting for you to know that the only source of original blue rock salt in the world is Iran because there is only the original blue rock salt mine in Iran in Garmsar and Semnan and unfortunately this type of beautiful rock salt cannot be found anywhere else in the world. .

The exact cause of the blue color in crystals and crystals of rock salt has not been determined precisely, but speculation can be cited as reasons.

Laboratoryly, potassium is the most abundant element, but interestingly, after crushing, the salt rock turns white, and blue particles can be seen as dots inside it, which is why many believe that light passes through it. Minerals are the cause of its bluer appearance.

Regardless of which view is closer to reality, what is important to consumers, mostly Europeans, is the very positive psychological effect that blue rock salt has on them.

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Due to the rarity of the original blue rock salt, this salt rock has been named as the gem of Eastern salt.

Blue rock salt is sold as a luxury item in American and European countries. Even international and very expensive restaurants add this salt to their food as a spice and provide it as an option for their customers.

Although Iran is the only producer of blue rock salt, the main benefit of buying and selling blue rock saltis in the pockets of European traders, because European traders buy blue rock salt from Iran and export it to other countries, including the United States, at several times the profit. .

iran rock salt

Export persian salt lamp

As awareness of decorative saltstones increases, many people are encouraged to buy decorative saltstones.

Some people in the market may not find the decorative saltstone with their favorite design, and on the other hand, exploring the market takes a long time or they are faced with a small variety of products.

For the convenience of many online sales centers, decorative salt rock has been created, in which, in addition to responding to all days of the week and at all hours, Halito Stone Salt Collection has provided very easy conditions for purchasing its products.

The variety of products in the Halito group is so great that many of them are only offered in export markets and are not introduced domestically.

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The Halito rock salt group has the most experienced handicraft masters, and some of the saltstones produced in this collection are not available worldwide.

All Halito decorative salt stones are made of healing salt stones and are very useful for improving and cleaning the room environment.

iran rock salt

Buy and sell Garmsar rock salt

According to the analysis made by geologists, Garmsar rock salt is one of the best salt rock mines in the country, which alone provides 80% of the country’s salt.

The purity of these rock salts is above 98% and Halit ore is the largest mineral that makes up Garmsar rock salt.

Garmsar rock salt mine are not only used to extract salt rock, but also for tourism, which is visited by thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year.

Garmsar salt rock in any tonnage and with high color diversity can be obtained through Halito Salt Stone Sales Center.

iran rock salt

Export Iran rock salt

Iran is one of the largest suppliers of rock salt in the world and 70% of the extracted rock salt in Iran is obtained from Garmsar rock salt mines.

The high purity of Garmsar rock salt, the high quality of the structure of Garmsar salt rock, the great variety in the colors of Garmsar salt rock are among the reasons that have made different countries welcome Garmsar rock salt.

The purchase and sale of Garmsar rock salt reaches 700,000 tons annually, and the main customers of this product are foreign buyers.

iran rock salt

The most important issue in the field of rock salt trade is always the issue of its transfer, because due to the very low price of rock salt, the slightest fluctuation in the field of product transfer price, even less than 50 single tomans, can disrupt a deal. This is a very risky product.

It seems that our country, Iran, has the potential to export salt, especially rock salt, to about 40 to 50 countries around the world. However, in terms of transportation, easier conditions should be provided, although the growth of our country in the field of transportation is very high and credible. It has been impossible so that the rail transport line has helped a lot in this regard.

Although Iran is one of the top eight countries in the world in salt production, it accounts for less than 3% of salt exports, despite Iran’s strategic position; It can do a good job of exporting salt and cover different countries; Unfortunately, due to some reasons, the Iranian salt export market is not as it should be.

For example, one of the most popular products in the international market is livestock salt rock, which is provided to livestock in a cut and regular manner. For the first time in Iran, Halito Salt Collection has started to produce this product, but you should know because The very high cost of cutting rock salt makes our product virtually unable to compete in international markets, and Pakistan has been much more successful.

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Another major problem in the field of rock salt export is the lack of strong packaging and based on the demand of Mushtir, because there is no specialized labor force in this field and seasonal and construction workers are used to package products, while in Pakistan The workforce is used to accurately separate the rock salt based on the customer’s desired weight.

iran rock salt

However, despite the mentioned shortcomings, currency fluctuations may have greatly contributed to exports, for example, Iran has recently been able to export rock salt to Russia through the port of Anzali, and this is a breakthrough in the field of rock salt.

In general, it can be said that Iran, despite its rich mines, has a lot of capabilities so that it can export up to a radius of 4000 km and even more types of mineral reserves.
It is recommended that you contact the consultants of Halito rock salt group for specialized entry into the field of rock salt export.


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