Persian salt lamp

Persian salt lamp with wooden base, unique salt lamp rocky, globe, pyramid, cubic models in cheap price.

Specifications of rock salt lamps

The pyramid rock lamp lampshade has the following specifications:

  • 5 cm wooden base
  • Height 15 cm
  • Width 12 cm
  • Lighting by LED lamp
  • Height with base 20 cm
  • The type of rock salt is therapeutic
  • Lamp color: white and orange
  • Stone color: white and orange

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Persian salt lamp

Persian rock salt lamp

Colored rock salt is one of the most popular saltstones that many people like to have at home or at work.

To meet this customer demand, we produce pyramid salt rock with two different types of rock.

One is made of white salt, which has been observed to experience its capabilities, and the other is made of orange salt , which is very beautiful.

Persian salt lamp

Benefits of rock salt lamp

One of the therapeutic effects of the pyramid model is the stability and feeling of strength that it creates in the viewer, so we recommend that if you feel weak in making decisions or you are facing some kind of anxiety and anxiety, we suggest you to salt the pyramid model next to it. Have your own.

The pyramid increases the feeling of stability and strength within you in a completely unconscious way, and after a short time you will realize this.

Persian salt lamp

Wholesale salt lamp

To buy bulk salt pyramid lampshades for pyramid models or other models, after viewing our products, contact us to inquire about the price.

Unique and best-selling products such as

  • Salt ball
  • Cubic Salt Stone (Cube)
  • Salt stone pyramid
  • Due to the high demand, in addition to wholesale sales at very exceptional rices, it is also offered individually for those interested.

To buy this product, in addition to the product page, you can contact the messengers through the bottom number of this page or with the same number and register your order.

Persian salt lamp

All orders will be shipped within 48 hours and we recommend that you always inquire about the price of Halito’s group before purchasing your desired rock salt.

Naturally, our prices and the high quality of your products will surprise you.

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Persian salt lamp products

We have to say that in addition to having a rock salt mine, the Halito complex has several specialized workshops for cutting salt rock, so many of the costs do not have the side that may exist in this work, so the ability to supply its products at a much lower price than the market. has it.

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