Iran rock salt

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The largest sales center for Garmsar colored salt rock, blue salt rock, crushed blue salt, red rock salt, pink rock salt, fine-grained pink rock salt, coarse grain and powder, monthly supply of 750 tons.

Introducing blue rock salt

Colored rock salt is one of the types of table salt, which fortunately has its sources in Iran. This type of salt is available in pink, red, orange and blue colors in Iran. The reason for the color of this type of salt is the presence of different elements in it. For example, in red salt rock, the presence of too much iron in it has changed its color. In another example, we can say that the presence of potassium in blue salt rocks has changed the color of this type of salt.

Due to the limited resources of colored rock salt in the world, the price of this type of salt is usually very high and therefore their consumption is not equal to the consumption of white salts. Of course, due to the presence of elements such as iron, potassium, calcium, etc., this type of salt is very useful in ensuring the health of the body and they can be used as a type of therapeutic substance in the control and treatment of diseases. For example, you must have seen decorative salt stones in the market, which are made using the same salts and are used to treat diseases such as stress.

Iran rock salt

Export of pink rock salt

As mentioned, pink salt is a type of colored salt rock that has changed its color from white to pink due to the presence of iron in it. Foreign countries, especially European countries, are ardent buyers of this type of salt due to its unique properties. Fortunately, this type of salt is found in abundance in Iran’s mines in Semnan province, so that in addition to meeting domestic needs, a significant part of it is exported to other countries. Garmsar and Semnan salt factories are the two main centers of production and processing of this type of salt that can allocate a significant part of their production to the export sector.

Iran rock salt

Iran rock salt supply Center

As mentioned, colored salt mined from Iranian mines, in addition to being used domestically, is also exported to other countries. Therefore, there is a need for sales and export centers of this type of salt inside Iran. Fortunately, today these types of centers are active in Iran and can take the desired product directly from the factory and after processing and packaging, export the product to other countries.

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Iran rock salt

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