Rock salt for cow

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The amount of salt required by livestock

Sodium and chlorine are the two main elements for the growth, fertility and life of livestock and poultry. By including salt in their diet, this source can be provided for them. Rock salt for livestock can be a good source for them and prevent the lack of many minerals such as sodium, potassium, chlorine and iron in the body of livestock. Deficiency of these nutrients can cause many diseases such as hair loss, milk fever, inflammation, increased sudden death and various diseases in livestock.

To avoid the mentioned harms, people should be familiar with the minimum and maximum amount of salt in the diet of livestock and poultry. Half of the salt in the diet of livestock is the minimum salt they need. The maximum amount of salt is determined according to the type of livestock. It is best for farmers to consult with veterinarians to determine the exact amount of salt in their diet.

Rock salt for cow

 Properties of rock salt for cow

Rock salt is one of the most important nutrients in the diet of broilers and laying hens. The amount of salt in a bird’s diet is determined by the type of bird and is often between 15% and 18%. Weight loss, reduced egg laying, growth retardation, muscle weakness, constant nap of poultry, increased sudden death and the spread of infectious diseases are the disadvantages of reducing salt intake among poultry.

For this reason, poultry breeders should all pay close attention to the diet and the amount of salt consumed by birds and livestock to increase production and increase their economic benefits. As salt deficiency can; It can cause many problems. Excessive consumption can also cause diseases such as muscle tremors, gout, seizures and kidney diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the exact amount of salt consumed in consultation with the poultry veterinarian.

Rock salt for cow

 Direct purchase of rock salt for livestock

Rock salt for livestock is distributed among farmers by many production centers. The price of rock salt is determined by various factors; Farmers are advised to buy salt rock for livestock directly from production centers to save and reduce consumption costs.

Rock salt for cow

Halito complex is one of these centers that extracts rock salt for livestock from the best places and mines of Iran and thus helps livestock farmers to increase production.

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