Iran rock salt

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Garmsar Salt Production Factory, the largest production, packaging and export of salt in Iran, direct export of salt to India, Iraq, Oman and Turkey, red, white, orange and pink salt.

Our complex is the largest salt rock production plant in Iran. Contact the salt rock factory to place an order. Rock salt is obtained by reducing the sodium content in ordinary table salt and adding 25-40% of potassium chloride and 10% of magnesium sulfate. In addition, rock salt contains the amino acid lysine, which eliminates the metallic taste of iodine.

Iran rock salt

Check the characteristics of rock salt

Salts can be classified, for example, by the method of production or extraction, the degree of milling and refining, the sodium content, and the impurities. Although some salts may have different minerals than common table salts, they still cannot be considered from relevant mineral sources (other than iodized salt). With moderate consumption, regardless of the type of salt, minerals along with sodium are supplied in very small amounts. No salt can be a complete source of minerals. This means that you do not need to eat salt to get minerals.

Sea salt is obtained by evaporating sea water in baths or special pools under the influence of the sun. The purity of sea salt depends on the composition and purity of the seawater from which it is produced. The crystals of this salt are large and uneven. In addition to sodium chloride, sea salt may contain some iodine, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Coarse salt or rock salt is mainly extracted from underground mines. Rock salt is a dirty gray color. The sediments of each particular mine contain different impurities, so it is almost impossible to achieve a stable or uniform purity of rock salt.

Iran rock salt

Iran rock salt Manufacturer

Our major rock salt factory also offers these products in person. Edible salt, most of the water is removed by boiling or evaporation from the salt water, then the remaining water is separated using powerful centrifuges so that at the end of the process the moisture content of the salt is about 3%. After additional drying, a completely clean and fine grain salt of high quality is obtained. Iodized salt is usually oily or mineral salt with the addition of iodine. Adding iodine does not change the taste of salt. Iodized salt is a good way to get the amount of iodine your body needs.

Iran rock salt

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In addition to regular salt, you can sell multi-colored salts under different names, the composition and color of which depends on the place of production. Despite the fact that they often contain a complete list of minerals, none of these salts have enough minerals to cover a significant portion of their daily needs.

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