salt block for cooking

Factory of salt block for cooking in iran, dimension 20*40*5 cm and 20*30*5 cm, minimum quantity to order is 3000 pcs.

Production center for flat rock salt for cooking, salt rock meat board, cut rock salt for cooking, possibility of sending all over the country, special sale for restaurants.

What is flat rock rock and where does it come from?

Rock salt is actually the source from which salt is extracted. These rocks have come out of the heart of salt mines and have a wonderful composition. Flat rock rock is a type of rock rock that has a flat and smooth surface and has different uses. These stones have a very beautiful appearance, unique colors and different minerals. The presence of iron, manganese, on minerals such as chlorine, sodium and ionic structure. For this reason, it is also used as a cooking board for cooking. Also, due to the beautiful appearance of these stones, some of its types are used in decorative cases.

salt block for cooking

Familiarity with rock salt for cooking

It is no coincidence that a food tastes and tastes good. Many different factors are effective in cooking food to convey a delicious taste to you. One of these factors is the board on which the food is cooked. You may have heard that the ancient Iranians used copper utensils to cook their food, because they believed that the dish was directly related to the taste and effects of food.

The flat salt rock is exactly the same. This product, due to its composition in its structure and also the presence of its ionic surface, transmits various properties to foods after contact with them. In addition to flavoring food, these stones transfer their mineral and salt properties to food. Many kitchens and restaurants around the world today use flat rock salt for cooking. Cooking seafood, cooking meat, roasting various foods or even using it as a cooking board for salads and vegetables are some of the uses of these stones in the kitchen.

salt block for cooking

Production of salt rock meat boards

Salt rock meat board is one of the types of rock salt. This board is used to cook meat and roast it in heat. Place this board on the stove or open fire and use it to cook meat. The taste that this method of cooking gives to the meat is extremely delicious and very healthy.

Manufacturer of salt block for cooking

Companies and factories that are engaged in the production and extraction of industrial and natural salt from the heart of mines are producers of flat rock salt . These rocks are naturally extracted from the heart of these mines and are placed in the path of cutting and flattening.

salt block for cooking

The big customers of these rock salts are luxury and expensive restaurants that pay a lot of attention to the taste of their food. These stones are available in different dimensions and in different and eye-catching colors.

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