pink rock salt

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Market for selling crystal blue pink mineral salt stone, sending pink salt to all over the country, export blue salt stone, transparent crystal salt for special delivery to Tehran and the city, grill salt for cooking.

When God warns His Prophet about the passionate eyes of the jealous, we can see that our surroundings are also full of these negative waves and so-called frequent blinking. The sore eye is a religious and national belief among us Iranians, which has been proven to some extent even from the point of view of science.

The world around us is full of different energies and we must be able to get rid of negative energies. Mineral rock salt, like a powerful magic from the heart of nature, has the property of repelling negative energies. Salt is one of the oldest and most mysterious blessings of God on earth. Many meditation researchers believe that salt has detoxifying properties from its surroundings. For this reason, mineral salt stone is used for sore eyes and its properties are used to ward off negative pulses.

pink rock salt

How to store rock salt

Salt rock maintenance requires the collection of specific information. Unlike other rocks, rock salts are sensitive products that have perishable properties, so you should pay attention to various factors in their maintenance. for example:

  • Keep away from sunlight

Placing rock salt in the sun or in the presence of unnatural light, such as energy-saving light bulbs, can damage tissues and structures. It is best to place rock salt in closed polymer containers away from sunlight.

  • Keep away from moisture

High humidity causes clumps of mineral salt rock. If these products are original, they have a high moisture absorption power. It is better to place these products dry and away from the place of connection to water. If you plan to store this product in stock, be sure to use nylon packaging.

  • Keep away from walls and metal surfaces

If you use rock salt for decorative purposes, a distance of 30 cm from the wall and metal surfaces is required.

  • Avoid dust

Dust can damage the quality of salt rocks and also tarnish their color.

pink rock salt

Mineral salt rock supply center

Are you looking for a genuine and quality product when buying rock salt? We introduce the best mineral salt supply center to you.

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pink rock salt

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