Iran red rock salt

Iran red rock salt packing 1300 tons per month, Supply rock salt to Iraq, India, Turkey, UAE, orange rock salt, white rock salt.

Packaging of Garmsar red rock salt 1300 tons per month, wholesale sale of red rock salt, export of red rock salt to Iraq, India and Turkey, possibility of delivery in small packages of 20 kilos and large jumbo bags of 1 ton.

Properties of red salt in traditional medicine

Red rock salt is one of the rarest colored rock salts in the world. Because the mines of Garmsar in Semnan province and the mines of Punjab, Pakistan are the only main mines that extract this rock salt. Garmsar red salt has more iron than its Pakistani counterpart. The reason for the red color of these salts is that a small amount of other minerals are removed along with them during extraction. One of the properties of red salt is that it contains a very high percentage of iron. Therefore, in addition to cooking, it also has decorative and therapeutic uses.

Red rock salt as table salt is one of the healthiest edible salts and contains many minerals. Doctors have recommended the consumption of natural salt before and after meals. Rock salts that are approved in traditional medicine have the lowest percentage of environmental pollution. These rock salts contain iron, potassium, magnesium, natural iodine, manganese, zinc and calcium. If we use these rock salts correctly, they can regulate and reduce blood pressure.

 Iran red rock salt

Producer of Iran red rock salt

The amount of red rock salt is very small compared to white rock salt and therefore it is rare. This stone is a special case of rock salt that is found naturally in some mines. Red rock salt is found partially and in very small quantities in some parts of the world. But the main producers of red salt that operate at the wholesale level are only two countries in the world.

Iran and Pakistan are two countries that discover and extract red salt. The red salt that is extracted from Iran’s mines is in Semnan province and Garmsar city. The salt that reaches the national and international market from Garmsar has high quality and more iron content than the Pakistani sample.

 Iran red rock salt

Export of red rock salt

The red rock salt that is extracted from the mines of our country is exported to neighboring countries and European countries. Also, this stone is bought and sold in domestic and foreign markets. Iran earns a good income through the export of red rock salt. Although this stone, despite its superiority over its Pakistani counterpart, is offered to the world market at a lower price due to currency fluctuations.

Source: Iran Red rock Salt export Market

Iran red rock salt

In the export of Iranian red salt, pay attention to the fact that due to its high quality and cheaper price, many countries want Iranian red rock salt.

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