iran pink rock salt

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One of the types of rock salt that has many healing properties and has an extraordinary beauty is pink rock salt. This type of rock, which has turned pink due to the presence of various mineral elements such as magnesium and iron, is also known as Himalayan salt rock.

This is why pink salt is called Himalayan salt rock, because most of it is found in the Himalayas and the quality of pink rock salt in this part of the world is excellent. In this article, we want to introduce you to pink salt rock and provide explanations about the healing properties and mines of this type of rock salt in Iran. Stay with us.

iran pink rock salt

Pink salt mine in Iran

Pink salt rock, in addition to being found in the Himalayas, is also present in some salt mines in Iran and with its high iron reserves, has many customers from all over the country and even foreign and European countries. Garmsar salt mine is one of the mines that have large quantities and quality of this type of salt rock. Garmsar rock salt mine is known as one of the largest and most famous mines in Iran and extraction of various salt rocks, including pink rock salt, is done from this mine.

iran pink rock salt

Healing properties of pink rock salt

Pink rock salt, with its high levels of iron and magnesium in its structure, acts as a natural medicine and heals and heals damaged muscles and generally the connective tissue of the human body. Magnesium, which is present in the structure of pink salt rock, easily enters the body through the skin and through direct contact with it and helps to heal the damaged muscles of the body. Also, other minerals that are present in the structure of pink rock salt, strengthen bones in people and will protect people from osteoporosis.

iran pink rock salt

Exporter of Iran pink rock salt

As mentioned, in addition to the Himalayas, pink salt rock is abundant in different parts of Iran, including the Garmsar rock mine, and large quantities of this type of rock are exported to different countries every year.

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Iran pink rock salt

Halito rock salt groupĀ  is the largest supplier of pink saltstone in Iran and has the ability to deliver pink saltstone in various ports of India by performing all customs formalities.

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