persian salt lamp

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Selling all kinds of salt stone lampshades with embossed stained glass design, for the first time in Iran, engraving the desired names and brands with a very elegant and decorative stained glass design.

Healing properties of persian salt lamp

Salt stone lampshade is one of the decorative accessories that has healing properties in addition to beauty. Of course, in order for this product to have healing properties in addition to beauty, its salt rock must be of good quality. To take advantage of the properties of this decorative and functional device, no special action is required and its properties can be used by placing it in the desired environment and creating lighting. The most important properties of salt rock lampshade are:

  • Reduce the effects and attacks of asthma and generally treat respiratory diseases
  • Reduce anxiety and neurological diseases
  • Relieve migraine headaches
  • Treatment of sinus congestion and its diseases
  • Strengthen the immune system against disease
  • Strengthen the nerves and increase decision-making power
  • Absorption of cigarette smoke masses as well as its smell
  • Reduce the effects of environmental pollution
  • Help regulate blood pressure

Salt lampshade also has several therapeutic properties in terms of light, whose orange light enhances the feeling of security in the body, its red light accelerates blood flow in the body, pink light simplifies the expression of emotions, blue light decreases It brings appetite and relaxation, and white light also helps with mental health.

persian salt lamp

Wooden base decor salt lamp sales center

Salt stone lampshades and in general, all kinds of wooden base decorative salt stones must be purchased from specialized, professional and reputable centers in order to make the best use of the therapeutic properties of this product. A quality rock salt, in addition to its healing properties, must also have sufficient strength, because mounting rock salt on wooden bodies requires expertise and skill. Halito rock Salt Complex, the largest sales center for decorative salt stones, offers a variety of salt stone lampshades with a wooden base of the best quality and with a variety of different shapes, to dear customers across the country.

persian salt lamp

Purchase Persian salt lamp

Salt stone lampshade is a quality product whose quality depends on the salt rock used in it. In this specialized collection, we are active in the field of wholesale sales of decorative salt stones with quality and properties, and we provide this product to our dear customers all over the country with the best price conditions. You can contact our partners to buy major types of decorative salt stones, decorative wooden base salt stones and salt stone lampshades.

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Our salt lamp Products

persian salt lamp

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