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The wholesale sale of therapeutic and decorative salt stones, the benefits of salt stones in the home are many, the construction of a salt room and a salt wall, the presence of decorative salt stones is needed in every home, and it will purify the air and remove negative energy from the home.

What kind of rock is rock salt?

Rock salt therapy is one of the types of rock salt that has many uses. Rock salt is the purest form of salt that is formed without chemical contaminants. Rock salt consists of 92 rare elements that are needed by the human body. Some of these elements include potassium, zinc, magnesium, copper, calcium and iron. Unlike ordinary salts, rock salt balances the body temperature and cools the body. Using rock salt instead of salt is less harmful to the health of the body.

Sodium and chlorine are the constituent elements of salt. These two elements were found in the water of seas and oceans due to the activity of volcanoes. But with the passage of several million years and climate changes, the oceans and seas dried up and salt deposits remained on the oceans and seas. When these sediments accumulate on top of each other, a layer is formed, which is called rock salt. These rocks may be hundreds of meters thick.

Rock salt is also known as halite and it can be seen in different colors according to the impurities it has. For example, if there is a large amount of iron in rock salt, it will be seen in red color, or if there is manganese in it, it will be seen in yellow and orange colors. If we want to distinguish original rock salt from non-original, we must pay attention to its saltiness, shine and dry smell. Rock salt is available in three types: edible, industrial and decorative.

decor rock salt

What is rock salt therapeutic?

Rock salt therapy is called rock salt that is used to treat various diseases in humans. This rock salt has many properties and for this reason it has been highly regarded. This rock salt contains useful minerals that are essential for the health of the body.

Stone salt therapy has properties such as increasing the body’s metabolism, regulating and controlling blood pressure, strengthening and improving mood, helping to control stress, reducing symptoms in respiratory diseases, improving intestinal function, strengthening appetite, improving asthma, heart health, preventing diabetes. It prevents osteoporosis, improves depression, etc.

 decor rock salt

Wholesale of decor rock salt

Rock salt therapy is used to treat various diseases. Decorative rock salt is used in different houses and places from the past to the present day. The ancients believed that this stone increases sustenance and is still used as a decorative item today.

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decor rock salt

Decorative stones have a good sales market, so many factories sell this product in bulk. The bulk order of these products directly and without intermediaries from the factory makes for a cost-effective purchase.

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