edible refined salt

Wholesale of edible refined salt in 20 kg bags, manufacturer of edible refined salt in Iran, also we have 500 gram and 1 kg packing, export salt to Armenia, Iraq, Russia.

Wholesale sale of 20 kg bag of oral mineral salt, Semnan table salt, completely hygienic and refined, it is possible to deliver iodized and without iodine, order delivery is also possible in packages of 400 and 500 g.

Familiarity with mineral salt

Salt is known as a very important mineral. In the world, this substance is extracted in the form of rock salt. Another type of salt extraction is its preparation from seawater. Mineral salt is one of those salts that is extracted from the mines in the form of rock salt.

Sodium in salt is essential for the human body. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, daily consumption of 5 grams of salt is very important for all ages.

Salt is used in both refined and industrial forms. Refined salt is mostly used in cooking because of the presence of iodine in this salt. Industrial salt is mostly used in industry.

edible refined salt

The largest salt mines in Iran

Iran has the largest and richest salt mines in the world. These mines, which are mostly located in the northern part of the country, have a very large source of various minerals. Semnan is known as the most important province in salt production.

Garmsar city located in Semnan province has many salt mines. Garmsar salt mines extract different types of salt in various colors and models. These salts are produced in the form of mineral salts or rock salts. Mineral salt with very high capabilities are produced by rock salt factories.

edible refined salt

Introducing different types of mineral salts

Contrary to popular belief, salts are divided into different models, and mineral salts with different properties are divided into different types with different colors. Types of mineral salts include blue salt, crystalline salt, white salt, red salt and pink salt. Each of these salts has different properties based on the specific mineral element in it.

In general, blue mineral salt with potassium element, red salt with iron element and white salt can be used as pure salt without mineral salts. Crystalline salt is also extracted from these mines in the form of salt crystals in larger and clearer cuts.

edible refined salt

Export of edible refined salt

Following the recent political developments, Iraq, as a neighboring country, is a very good option for salt exports. Due to its very hot and dry climate, it is not possible to produce salt. For this reason, different types of salt are exported to this country industrially and in mineral form. Iraq is one of the important centers for receiving Iranian salt.

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It is possible to deliver mineral table salt with a monthly delivery capacity of up to 800 tons.

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