refined salt factory

Purchase of refined iodized salt from factory, refined salt factory in Iran, we export edible salt to Georgia, Armenia, Iraq and turkey in 25 kg bag.

Major purchase of recrystallized salt from the factory, salt factory located in Ivaneki, Garmsar, Semnan province, production of refined iodized salt in 25 kg bags, export of refined table salt to Iraq.

Iran Refined salt factory

Maybe you have heard the name of recrystallization salt for once and you are wondering what is the difference between this type of salt and ordinary salts? To answer this question, it must be said that if the rock salts extracted from the salt mines are introduced into soluble pools and then placed in centrifuges and the same operation is repeated again, a kind of refined salt to It is called recrystallization. This type of salt has a very light color and its purity percentage is much higher than other salts.

Now that you are familiar with recrystallization salt, you may be wondering what is the function of this type of salt and why it is necessary to increase its purity? To answer this question, we can say that in general, these types of salts are consumed orally, and because these salts are iodized, they can be useful for maintaining the health of the body. Of course, the point that should be considered in relation to the consumption of this type of salt is the high amount of sodium in it.

refined salt factory

Differences between recrystallization salt and hydromyl

One of the salts that we have all heard the name of is hydromyl salts. Today, due to the difficulty and high cost of producing recrystallized salt, its production is not welcomed.

Therefore, some profiteers sell hydromyl salts, which are very similar to it, in the market under the same name. But in this regard we must say that hydromyl salts have a lower purity. In fact, the difference between the two salts can be expressed in the purity of each.

refined salt factory

Semnan edible salt production factory

Semnan can be introduced as one of the poles of edible salt production in Iran, which annually owns a large amount of its products to the export sector to other countries. Using the most up-to-date and advanced equipment, this factory can convert all types of rock salt into high purity salts. For example, the products of this factory can be recrystallized salt, refined table salt, hydromyl salt, colored rock salt, etc.

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refined salt factory

Recrystallization salts are produced with iodine 40, iodine 60 and iodine 80.

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