persian salt lamp

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Properties of salt lamp

Salt has long been known as a useful substance in the treatment of diseases. Today, due to the extensive changes that have taken place in different fields, the use of different materials has changed. For example, lighted rock salt can be mentioned as a decorative and therapeutic device, so that less places can be found where this type of rock salt has not been used. The reason for the increasing use of this type of rock salt is its properties.

The presence of negative ions in the luminous rock and its diffusion in the environment causes freshness and vitality in humans. In addition, the presence of such ions in the environment can improve the respiratory status of people and be useful in the treatment of respiratory diseases. It is also important to note that rock salt can emit negative ions in the environment when exposed to light. Therefore, this type of rock salt is usually designed in the form of lampshades or lamps.

persian salt lamp

Where to put salt rock in the house?

Now that you are familiar with the properties of illuminated salt rock, you may be wondering where it is better to use this type of rock salt in the house? In answer to this question, it should be said: it is better to place these lights in a place where family members spend more time in that environment. In addition, using these lights in the bedroom can be a good option. Because the ions released from it can calm you down and bring you a comfortable sleep.

persian salt lamp

Manufacturer of Persian salt Lamp

Illuminated rock salts are designed in different designs and shapes and people can prepare different types according to their taste. Fortunately, there is a production and design of all kinds of decorative items using rock salt in Iran, and today many manufacturers can be found in the field of producing various types of illuminated rock stones, salt rock lampshades, salt statues, rock salt bedside lamps, Salt bricks, etc. are active and market their products.

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persian salt lamp

Halito Salt Stone Complex is the largest producer of decorative salt stones in Iran, which sells its products wholesale at the lowest prices and delivers them to its buyers.

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