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Receive positive energy with rock salt

Many people believe that the presence of decorative rock salt in the house repels negative energy and helps to increase the positive energy in the environment. This positive energy minimizes anxiety and stress-causing factors and brings good sleep to people at night.

Receive positive energy in such a way that small salt crystals are considered as a natural source for ion production. Irradiation of sunlight on transparent or semi-transparent salt crystals can lead to the release of ions and charged particles. The ionization process is not visible to the eye, on the other hand, it does not change the salt crystals. The negative ions produced by rock salt are placed in the vicinity of the negative ions in the environment and neutralize the negative ions in the environment. In this way, it produces positive energy. This positive energy creates a sense of relaxation in the environment.

decor rock salt

The method of producing decor rock salt

One of the uses of rock salt is in the production of decorative items. In addition to a beautiful and pleasant appearance, decorative salt stones have positive effects on physical and mental health. Many people use rock salt to create a different environment and take advantage of its benefits.

Lampshades, reading lights, decorative candle holders, salt bowls and salt balls are among the applications of decorative rock salt in the interior design of homes.

To produce decorative rock salt, rock salt with a low percentage of purity is extracted and cut according to the desired shape and design. To benefit from the benefits of decorative rock salt, it is better to use original rock salt. It is possible to get this type of decorative rock salt from salt dealers.

decor rock salt

Wholesale purchase of decorative rock salt

Decorative rock salt can be economically viable if purchased in bulk. Semnan province and Garmsar city are considered one of the main centers for the purchase of decorative salt due to the presence of many decorative salt mines. Many people from different provinces of the country travel to this province and among the different models of salt stone, they use the most suitable type for decorative purposes. Colored salt rocks are the best type of salt rock for making decorative items.

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decor rock salt

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