orange salt

wholesale and export of orange salt monthly 850 tons, orange rock salt, export of orange salt to Turkey, India and Iraq in 25 kg packing and jumbo bag.

Major export of 850 tons of orange salt per month, orange and pink Iranian rock salt, jumbo bag packaging, possibility of delivery to Bandar Abbas wharf and Bandar Abbas FOB, providing the lowest sea and land shipping rates, performing zero to one hundred all services along with relevant licenses.

What is orange salt?

Persian or Iranian orange salt is one of the salts that can be found in the mines of Iran, especially in Garmsar city. In different mines, the color of this stone can be different from light to dark orange. It can be said that this type of salt is the rarest rock salt in the world with a 100% natural color. This color is due to the presence of other minerals in addition to the salt itself. The presence of iron ions leaves red streaks and the presence of sylvite leaves orange and yellow streaks in rock salt. In fact, you will find no two rock salt masses that are exactly the same shape and color.

This rock salt is available in different sizes (stones to granules) and even fine sizes. Orange rock salt is also ideal for salt lamps, decorative objects, salt rooms, food, and cosmetic applications.

orange salt

Benefits of using natural salt

Salt is a mixture of approximately 40% sodium and 60% chlorine. Both sodium and chlorine are essential nutrients for the body’s metabolism, and orange salt also contains other elements. Excessive consumption of salt can increase blood pressure by retaining water in the body. This reaction is just to get rid of excess fluids and salt from your body system. Therefore, the use of natural salt, which has other elements as impurities, not only helps the electrolyte balance of the body, but also provides other minerals needed by the body.

Among the benefits of natural salt: keeping the body hydrated by maintaining the balance of sodium and potassium, which helps to retain water, prevent muscle cramps, benefit from a healthy nervous system, regulate hormones, and improve sleep. It also helps to promote vascular health in the right amount.

orange salt

Export of orange rock salt

Considering that Iran has one of the richest sources of salt in the world, all kinds of rock salt, especially its orange salt, are famous in the world. Since the price of the products of Iranian salt mines is lower than other mining countries (Pakistan, etc.), buyers of Iranian salt rock are also increasing. One of the advantages of Iranian rock salt is that it is available in different sizes from fine to coarse.

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orange salt

Today, Iran is at the top of the list of exporters of orange salt in the world. The packaging used by the Halito collection is the jumbo bag.

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