Iran blue salt

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There are many mining industries in Garmsar, which have played a significant role in the country’s business with the increasing extraction of salt and the growth of investment and export development. To attract many consumers, it is being sold in the market today with various quality and prices.

Getting to know Iran’s export salt market

Garmsar factory is one of the big centers for the production and supply of salt for export to neighboring countries. The high capacity of salt mines in this region has helped the country’s economy grow. The production of salt for export in this factory is being carried out every day with the highest capacity. The increasing production of salt in this complex has been chosen as a priority for the development and export of exportable salt.

Many countries such as China and Iraq are currently active as the most important export markets for Iran’s mineral raw materials, and the presence of these mines has helped the growth and development of the country as much as possible.

Iran blue salt

Introduction of Iran blue salt

Iran blue salt is another product produced by the large Garmsar factory, which is offered to customers in a favorable and economical quality. The blue color of this salt is due to the presence of the mineral potassium, which is very rare. This salt, like all the exported salts of this factory, has useful and therapeutic properties that have been created from the evaporation of seas and lakes in the heart of the mountain.

This sample of salt is completely edible and its consumption can cause the disappearance and treatment of some diseases and physical disorders.

Iran blue salt

Iran salt manufacturer

The present website, with half a century of brilliant history of selling and supplying salt, is one of the large and reliable centers for the sale of export salt, which, by cutting out the hands of intermediaries, has been able to deliver this valuable product with a standard and desirable quality to its valued customers and consumers. As a representative of the Garmsar salt production factory, the site is available 24 hours a day and online to dear users and customers, so that they can buy exported salt with the most guaranteed quality without leaving home and spending huge costs.

Iran blue salt

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