white rock salt powder

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Wholesale sale of white rock salt powder, industrial soft salt powder, the possibility of delivering powdered salt with crystals or without crystals at the customer’s choice, shipping all over the country in 25 kg packages.

Rock salt powder or flour salt is a product offered by suppliers for food use. In the production process, in order to obtain the best salt crystals, we pulverize sodium chloride or potassium chloride.

Rock salt powder dissolves easily in water and has a very high mixing rate, and it also has a high mixing rate compared to granulated edible salt. Increasing the solubility in powdered rock salt causes it to dissolve uniformly in water and gives a good taste to food.

white rock salt powder

The difference between mesh 130 salt and powdered salt

Oyster salt is more transparent and shiny than rock salt powder, that’s why it is called oyster salt. Oyster salt has a finer granularity than powdered rock salt and other salts available in the market.

Seashell salt is one of the industrial salts, this type of salt is mostly used in the dairy and tanning industry. The size of oyster salt grains is similar to refined salt grains in terms of size. Shell salt also contains the highest amount of minerals.

Rock salt powder has dense granulation and looks very similar to industrial salt. But this type of salt is very sensitive to moisture and if exposed to humid weather, its appearance changes.

white rock salt powder

Application of powdered salt

Because of its fine cuts, rock salt powder is used to mix with different foods. This salt is combined with dry soup, flour and various spices as well as grains. Compared to traditional granulated salt, powdered rock salt has better performance and sticks to foods and does not have extra particles.

Another use of rock salt powder is that it is more soluble than ordinary salt crystals. Therefore, when the crystals enter the mouth, they release the salty taste faster than regular salts.

The ability to mix in powdered rock salt has made cooks choose this type of salt and by using rock salt powder, they can enhance the flavors of other foods and reduce sodium in salt.

white rock salt powder

Purchase of white rock salt powder

Due to its very high quality, rock salt powder has been able to occupy a suitable position in the domestic and foreign markets. The buyers of this salt cover a wide range of society, who have a great desire to buy powdered rock salt.

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white rock salt powder

The sale of powdered rock salt in bulk is usually done in 25 to 40 kilo bags. The price of each ton of rock salt powder is considered according to the size of the customer’s order, so we cannot provide an exact number for the bulk purchase of customers.

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