Persian salt lamps

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Making a night light with rock salt

Rock salt has many salts and minerals. Therefore, it has found many applications in various industries. One of the most widely used uses of rock salt is in the manufacture of rock salt lamps. Some salt stones extracted from mines have a low purity percentage. Therefore, they are not used for food and are mostly used in industrial cases.

The lamp in the salt bed lamp produces a lot of heat after being turned on. The same heat also heats rock salt. In this way, small particles of rock salt are released in the air.

Fine particles released in the air have a great effect in removing pollutants and toxins in the air. This sleeping lamp helps you inhale clean and pollution-free air while sleeping. The treatment of lung and respiratory infections is one of the most important benefits of using a salt bed lamp. Usually traditional medicine doctors suggest the same thing to people with infection. Respiratory diseases such as asthma can be improved to a great extent by using this sleeping lamp. This night light brings a comfortable sleep to people.

Persian salt lamps

Representation of the salt lamp lamp in Mashhad

The unique properties of the salt bed lamp lead many people to buy such a bed lamp. The appearance of this sleeping lamp is beautiful and the light emitted from it is very soft. This light is effective in relieving fatigue. Buyers of rock salt are mostly looking for a quality and original product. Therefore, they are trying to buy this product from the representative of Sang Namak sleeping lamp.

The originality of rock salt used in the manufacture of sleeping lamps is very important. As a result of this purchase, it should be made from reliable sales centers of salt stone artifacts in different cities of the country, such as Mashhad, Tehran, etc. Authentic online stores can also help buyers a lot in this field.

Persian salt lamps

Sale of Persian salt lamps in Tehran

If you buy a salt bed lamp from reputable dealers and sales centers, you will receive the original salt bed with the right percentage of purity. The variety of night light products made in Sang Namat dealerships is very high. In addition, you can order a sleeping lamp with the size and dimensions you want.

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Persian salt lamps

Halito salt stone collection is the largest producer of decorative salt stone in Iran, in addition to producing salt bricks and grill salt stones.

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