Persian salt lamp

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Properties of rock salt lamp

Rock salt has healing properties that many people use in their homes in various ways today. Using salt stone lampshade is one of these methods, which is used in home decoration. According to the lampshade experts, the salt stone has many properties, which include:

  • It purifies the air and improves breathing
  • Raising the level of sleep quality by creating a peaceful atmosphere
  • It increases positive energy and reduces negative environmental waves
  • It lowers blood pressure
  • It supplies the salt needed by the body and relieves its need
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces migraine headaches
  • It increases concentration
  • Helps to improve asthma and allergies

The salt bed lamps available in the market have different dimensions and prices, which are shared only by the salt in them. The salt lampshade has healing and relaxing properties, which many doctors recommend to their patients these days.

Persian salt lamp

Salt lampshade

It is said that if the sun shines on the rock salt or if a candle or lamp is lit in them, it will have a greater impact on its environment. The lampshade of salt stone, which is designed in the shape of a sphere, is very eye-catching in decorations and is very suitable for calming the nerves.

Salt lampshades have different dimensions and designs, and many of them are used in home decorations. Using rock salt in the form of a sphere also has a special effect, and it can be placed in the palm of the hand and moved slowly. This work increases the relaxation of the nerves and mind and causes the absorption of its properties through the hands.

Persian salt lamp

Wholesale purchase of Persian salt lamp

If you are also a manufacturer of rock salt lampshades, you should pay attention to get your material with high quality. Many people buy rock salt in bulk and shape it in their workshops and use it to make decorative items.

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Persian salt lamp

By buying bulk rock salt, you can produce all kinds of decorative and best-selling products. Keep in mind to go with the existing competitive market, to achieve high sales. Therefore, you should go to reputable stores to ensure your purchase.

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