iran pink salt

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Rock salt is mostly white around us, maybe many of us have never seen rock salt in other colors.

But I must say that there are salt stones in various and very beautiful colors that we have limited sources of these special salts in our beloved country of Iran.

iran pink salt

Sell ​​pink rock salt

These special colors include pink salt rock, red salt rock, blue salt rock and black salt rock.

Each of these salts has its own healing properties and special taste, but they are often considered because of their special beauty and are used in the manufacture of decorative items.

The largest producer of pink rock salt in the world is Pakistan, which extracts it from the Punjab region in the Himalayas.

But as we mentioned, Iran also has limited sources of pink rock salt, one of the areas that has this rock rock is the city of Garmsar.

Ninety-eight percent of pink rock salt is sodium and chlorine, and the other two percent is calcium, zinc, iron and copper.

The reason for the special color of this rock salt is the elements contained in it, especially iron, which has caused special taste and properties.

Red rock salt has more iron than pink rock salt, which is why this color difference has been created

iran pink salt

Properties of Iranian pink salt

Although this salt often has a decorative aspect, but its healing properties can not be ignored, the properties of Iranian pink salt can strengthen the body’s nervous system in transmitting messages, strengthen hair and prevent hair loss, as well as treat anemia and depression and in addition They pointed to its use in relieving pain.

iran pink salt

Export of Iran pink salt

Due to its scarcity, pink salt rock has many demands from other countries, especially European and American countries, which makes its export market very prosperous, and Iran can, in addition to supplying domestic rock salt, have a very good income from exports. Have it.

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As Pakistan has a very good valuation in this way, it should be mentioned that Iran’s pink salt rock is good and the quality of the salt rock of the Himalayas.

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