Factory edible salt

Factory edible salt in Iran, purity 99.4 % and over, in 20 kg bag, capacity monthly 600 tons, edible salt supplier, export salt to Iraq.

Recrystallization NaCl Production Factory, the largest salt factory in Iran, producer of table salt with a minimum purity of 99.2% by double refining method, export of recrystallized salt to Iraq.

In the past, due to the lack of sufficient facilities, people used salts that were not of good quality, and therefore the presence of different elements in this type of salt, caused various diseases in these people. With the advancement of science and the production of various types of devices in the field of salt refining, refined salt with high purity was produced and marketed.

In the salt production plant, different methods are usually used to produce edible salt, such as recrystallization methods and hydromyl method. In this article, we will try to acquaint you with these salt purification methods. Stay with us.

Factory edible salt

Salt production stages in the factory

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, salt obtained from the sea or from rock salts, usually and in most cases, has impurities in it that if not removed, can impair human health. Jeopardize. Therefore, in the salt factory, an attempt has been made to produce and market healthy salt, away from any pollution and impurities, so that people can use it with peace of mind and there is no problem for their health.

Factory edible salt

The difference between hydromyl salt and recrystallization salt

In recrystallized salt, rock salt extracted from mountains and rock mines is transferred to a salt factory, which is then poured into soluble pools and then centrifuged. کردن. After completing this process, this path is repeated once again and all the contaminants are separated from the salt and refined and healthy salt is produced.

But in the case of hydromyl salt, first the rock salt is washed and then by placing these salts in the path of high water pressure, all the contaminants are separated from the salt and the crystals and grains of salt are separated and Salt will be produced very healthy and free of any contamination.

Factory edible salt

Iran Factory edible salt

Garmsar salt mine is one of the largest salt rock mines in Iran, the Middle East and even the world. Every year, a large amount of rock salt is extracted from these mines and given to the Garmsar salt factory to produce high quality edible salt and To be marketed.

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