Supply of livestock rock salt

Supply of livestock rock salt for Georgia from Iran, in bulk (no bag) and in jumbo bag, delivery at destination.

Direct supply of livestock salt at a reasonable price, white livestock salt stone, powdered salt with a 25 kg bag, cut rock salt with export carton packaging, livestock salt in a 15 kg bag for Qatar.

There is a wide range of animal salt products including various salt forms, mixed salts and many facts about animal salt that animals are passionate about sodium chloride. Direct supply of livestock salt at a reasonable price to all parts of the country is done without any restrictions. The reason for using brewed salt is that most plants do not have enough sodium to feed animals and may lack chloride, salt supplementation is used as an important part of a balanced diet for animals.

Supply of livestock rock salt

Properties of animal salt for sheep

Livestock salt is a very nutritious food supplement that the properties of livestock salt for sheep have led farmers to prepare this salt; In the United States, except in certain alkaline areas along the west coast, sheep should be fed animal salt (sodium chloride).

Undoubtedly, all sheep need animal salt to stay active and on the other hand to be economically profitable. One of the main properties of animal salt is that it makes lactating and breeding sheep more than before.

Each sheep receives 9 grams of animal salt per day, and half of this is consumed for small lambs. Do not forget that livestock properties for sheep can be summarized as follows:

  1. Muscle contraction
  2. Send neural messages
  3. Maintain a regular heart rate
  4. Effective absorption of amino acids and monosaccharides from the intestine.
  5. Adjusts the volume of fluids in the body of livestock and even poultry.

Supply of livestock rock salt

Major purchase of rock salt for livestock

There are many centers that are active in the sale of this product, so there is no bulk purchase of livestock rock salt without any restrictions; There are many ways to buy this product in person and in person that people can do their shopping directly through the current website if the facilities are limited.

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If you are one of the buyers who want to buy in bulk at a reasonable price, it is not permissible to waste time and you can now get the best and highest quality animal salt with excellent quality and reasonable price.

Supply of livestock rock salt

The quality of this animal salt has caused many people to be attracted to this direction; Do not forget that the price of this product varies due to factors that must be considered in the purchase of factors affecting the price in order to provide a great product at an incredible price.

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