iran rock salt

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One of the most valuable and useful minerals that is widely used these days; It is a rock salt that has many mines in Iran. For example, we can mention Garmsar rock salt mine, which extracts different types of this stone in colored and high purity crystals. Now the sale of Garmsar mineral rock salt has started and you have a golden opportunity to buy this product.

iran rock salt

Information about Iranian salt mines

Iran is a country rich in various mines, each of which exposes valuable materials and products; One of the rich mines in our country is the salt mine, which discovers and supplies pure and high quality salts in such mines.

If we want to tell more information about Iran’s salt mines; They can be expressed using the following options:

  1. Garmsar city located in Semnan province is rich in salt mines and salts that are extracted from the mines of this city; They have a purity of 98%.
  2. High purity and quality have made the salts extracted from Garmsar mines have more superiority and privilege than other mineral salts.
  3. Of course, Garmsar salt mines, which have now caused a large need of the country in terms of mineral salt to be met; It has also become a tourist attraction and therefore has attracted the attention of many tourists and travelers from inside the country.
  4. The salts extracted from these mines are 100% processed by industrial factories and refining units, and they are widely exploited.
  5. Of course, it must be said that these salts are also used for other purposes, such as being used for drilling in the oil company.
  6. It should be noted that between 400 and 500 tons of rock salt is extracted daily from Garmsar mines.

iran rock salt

Biggest Iran rock salt supplier

If you decide to buy Garmsar mineral rock salt and you want to order this product in bulk; It is important to know that this type of rock salt is found in several colored crystals that you can order any of them or all at all.

iran rock salt

If we want to introduce you to different types of Garmsar salt in terms of crystal color; We can express them using the following options:

  • Mineral rock salt with orange crystal
  • Mineral rock salt with white crystal
  • Mineral salt rock with yellow crystal
  • Mineral rock salt with red crystal
  • Pink mineral salt rock
  • Brown mineral salt rock

iran rock salt

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