Red rock salt

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Garmsar red salt stone sales center, export of red salt stone and colored salt stones with jumbo bag packaging, possibility of monthly delivery up to 850 tons.

One type of rock salt is red rock rock, which is found in mines. The number of these rocks is very limited, which is found in some countries. Red salt rock has many benefits and properties, including the presence of a lot of iron in this type of rock salt. In our country, Garmsar has one of the largest salt rock mines in the world.

Red rock salt

Introducing different types of colored rock salt

There are different types of rock salt in different ranges, such as red rock rock, which, as mentioned, is used in other countries to eliminate iron deficiency due to its high iron content, but in Iran, this rock is used to produce salt bricks and decor.

The other rock is orange salt, which is also used for decorative purposes, but the other rock salt is blue salt rock, which is very small compared to the previous two cases, but has very high mineral properties.

Another rock salt is white salt rock, which is very common in the country and can also be found in other countries, but some countries have not yet seen this rock rock, but due to the high consumption of this rock has a very different quality. We must be careful in choosing this stone, for example, high-grade white rock salt (which has a very high degree of purity) – veined white rock (which is not of high quality due to its dark veins) – black salt rock (which with There is a very low degree of purity (used for tanners and industries that do not work to a degree of purity).

Red rock salt

Lump Iran rock salt supplier

Due to currency fluctuations, Iranian salt rock is much cheaper and more cost-effective. The high quality of these stones along with the reasonable price by the seller of salt rock can get many people from different parts of the world to buy these stones to the mines of countries. Brought.

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Red rock salt

There are many different types of rock salt, for example, some of these stones are high purity and some are low purity and others are medium purity, each of these stones has a different use, so if the stone is of low quality or purity, it is not. It can be said that this rock salt is not used anywhere because in some uses we have to use low purity rock salt, so we must be careful in choosing this rock for what we want.

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