Refined iodized salt

Export Iran Refined iodized salt to Iraq, iodine 60 ppm and 40 ppm, in 25 kg bag, capacity monthly 500 tons.

Purchasing market for refined salt exported to Iraq, special recrystallization salt for Iraqi Kurdistan with 60 iodine, 25 kg bag can be delivered at the border of Sardasht, Bashmaq and Parviz Khan.

The price of refined salt is determined by the producers, who buy this product in different cities, including Tehran. Also, the producers sell these salts in bulk, in which case the buyers, who generally The shopkeepers and distributors of this product can provide it at the distribution price.

Refined iodized salt

What are the benefits of consuming refined salt?

Consumption of refined salt will not only not be harmful to the body, but also has many benefits for the body, and proper use in moderation will have many benefits because it will regulate blood pressure.

In fact, the salt that is purified by related devices and in factories has caused the impurities that are in it to be separated and in fact their purity has increased, and therefore it has regulated the metabolism in the body. Will be human.

Also, refined salt, due to the salts that are naturally present in its constituent particles, causes the transmission of nerve messages and, in addition, the proper and timely function of the body’s muscles, which is a specific and limited amount of nutrients needed by humans. And its proper consumption is necessary.

In fact, one of the most important raw materials in the structure of salts is iodine, which is generally one of the most important micronutrients in it and is very necessary for the human body because all The foods that are present are accompanied by iodine, but it should be noted that the amount of iodine is not in a way that meets the needs of the human body, and therefore refined salts are used, which are associated with this advantage. .

It is a disease that causes the thyroid gland to enlarge and has many side effects that consuming as much salt as possible can significantly prevent this disease.

Refined iodized salt

Refined iodized salt factory

Manufacturers sell high quality and refined salt at exceptional and cheap prices, which in addition to the right price is also accompanied by good and acceptable quality. In fact, iodine deficiency in the body causes very dangerous diseases in humans. The most important of which is goiter.

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Iran edible salt factory

Refined iodized salt

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