Iran industrial salt

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Buy coarse grain industrial salt from Garmsar, coarse grain salt size 3 to 5 mil, powdered salt, oyster salt, sugar grain salt, packed in 20 and 25 kg bags, monthly production of 1200 tons, with purity of at least 98%.

The use of salt in the production of pickled cucumbers

One of the uses of salt is in food. One of the most common of these foods is pickled cucumber. If you don’t know the amount of salt used in pickles, you can get help from experts in this field. In general, all types of salt can be used in pickled cucumbers. Colored salts can also be used in pickles.

The amount of salt in pickled cucumber depends on the size of the cucumber. The larger the cucumber, the more salt should be used. But pay attention to the fact that if the amount of salt is high, the pickled cucumber becomes salty and inedible, and if the amount of salt is low, the pickled cucumber becomes tasteless.

Iran industrial salt

What is coarse salt?

Coarse grain salt is another type of salt. This type of salt is produced for special uses. Coarse grain salt is produced by factories and has many uses, which we will discuss further. One of the uses of this salt is soaking rice. Coarse grain salt is used to soak rice. Note that the water must be changed before making the rice, otherwise it will be salty and unusable.

Another use of this salt is to disinfect fruits and vegetables. Coarse grain salt is used to disinfect and wash fruits and vegetables. By using salt, many of their microbes will be destroyed. This salt can be used differently. For example, you can grind this salt and use it as a powder.

Iran industrial salt

Buying Iran industrial salt

Buying industrial salt from Garmsar is not difficult and can be easily ordered and purchased. Unfortunately, there are some people who sell fake salt instead of real salt. In order to prevent these people from profiteering, it is recommended to buy salt from the producing city which is Garmsar.

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Iran industrial salt

There are two ways to buy Garmsar industrial salt online and in person. According to their situation, people can find an easy and safe way and make a purchase. There are many companies and centers in Garmsar city that send salt all over the country.

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