Iranian mineral rock salt

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Introduction to Iranian Mineral rock salt

First, we will introduce Iran’s mineral rock salt, then we will explain the different methods of extracting rock salt from the mine, and we will explain the use of mineral rock salt.

We also describe the production of decorative salt rock and the properties of salt rock for wound eyes, as well as the original blue rock salt and the properties of edible rock salt.

Mineral salt is the same as sodium chloride, which has been present for millions of years due to the accumulation of very large layers of dried seas.

Iranian mineral rock salt

After the seawater has dried up, in hot, dry, and evaporative environments, salt mines have emerged, which are endless resources for salt supply to the human race.

There are other types of these stones in blue and pink, which are one of the natural sources rich in ions, because when the sun shines, amazing energy is produced, which is the scientific basis for the expansion of the current salt rooms.

Scientifically and over the last hundred years, it has been proven that after the sun shines on rock salt, ionization occurs inside these rocks, but there is no change in the shape and quality of the salt rocks.

After extraction from the mine, rock salt is used in a variety of applications, including decorative, industrial, food, and therapeutic applications.

Iranian mineral rock salt

Extraction of rock salt from mine

The polished rock salt is glassy and has a council taste, and these rocks have low hardness.
There are several ways to obtain rock salt, which are described below.

  • Vacuum method
  • Hydraulic failure method
  • Step-by-step open method
  • Evaporative method
  • Investigate the vacuum method

In the vacuum method, an evaporator is used. These evaporators suck in the saline water from the pump and convert it into salt as a result of evaporation.

This method is suitable for extracting sea salt and is not used for extracting rock salt from the mine.

Investigating the method of hydraulic failure: In the method of hydraulic failure, the rock is removed from the mine by drilling and blasting. These rocks are eaten before they reach the ground.

Investigating the step-by-step method: Most salt mines in Iran use the step-by-step method to extract rock salt.

This method is also used to extract metals such as copper and iron. This method is also called surface method.

Evaluation of evaporation method: In evaporative method, sea water or water that has salt is poured into open pools with low depth and then with the help of evaporation, water is lost and salt is left. This method is also used to produce edible salt. Is used.

Basic chamber mining method: This method is used to extract mines that have low slope and high thickness. Also, these mines have a high extraction speed.

Iranian mineral rock salt

Uses of rock salt

Salt rock has various and varied uses and properties, some of which are introduced below:

  • edible use and salt production
  • Related factories and industries that need water treatment and resin recovery
  • To disinfect and purify drinking water in motor homes
  • Livestock salt rock is one of the most widely used rock salt
  • Production of salt bricks to build a salt room and clean the environment
  • Reduces negative energies and negative waves of the environment and received from individuals and the environment.

Iranian mineral rock salt

Production of decor salt lamp

The production of decorative saltstone and its use in homes and workplaces makes the environment more beautiful and attractive. Also, salt rock is soothing if it is a therapeutic type and gives a positive energy to the environment.

Today, the production of decorative saltstone is very popular, and in addition to candles in the home environment, in addition to beauty, it will create a sense of calm and repel the negative energies of the environment.

The ions in the decorative rock salt ionize when exposed to sunlight, and the ions produce energy.

Salt rock bedside light also strengthens the body’s immune system, such as the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, heart and other vital organs.

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The use of decorative rock salt in the home environment reduces air pollution

Iranian mineral rock salt

Benefits of rock salt to repel negative energy

One of the things that has been discussed among Iranians in the past about the properties of rock salt is its use to dissipate energy, which of course can be proven by scientific reasons.
In general, the eyes are the valve of the body and can transmit body energy (both positive and negative) to the outside. Additionally, it is called an ion.

Ions, if positive, can cause mental and emotional distress, depression, and fatigue, and if they are negative, they can bring happiness, vitality, relaxation, and stress.

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Wi-Fi waves are an example of positive ions, and the space in the forest is an example of a negative ion

When salt is heated (that is, it receives negative energy from the environment), it releases negative ions, and releasing negative ions (ions that cause happiness and vitality, etc.) creates an ionic balance in the environment and the eye. Wounds and negative energy in general reduce the environment.

Iranian mineral rock salt

Original blue rock salt

The most famous salt rocks are white and pink, which are often found in Iran and Pakistan, and there is another type of salt rock that is blue and the color tends to be blue, which is why it is a product. Be completely unique in the world.

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Blue rock salt exploration is very rare and is generally a scarce product.

Blue rock salt is a well-known product among all countries and is discovered only in Iran and in the Garmsar region and has never been seen anywhere in the world like it.
The reason why blue rock salt is blue is that there are large amounts of potassium in this rock. The higher the amount of potassium in rock salt, the more the salt color of the rock turns to blue.

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Potassium is very good for calming the nerves and regulates the heart rate

Iranian mineral rock salt

Properties of edible rock salt

One of the most famous salt rocks in the world, which is very famous, is the Himalayan salt rock, which has been able to provide a very good position thanks to its many years of presence in the international market.

In many parts of the world, rock salt is used in food and consumption due to its minerals such as manganese, iron, zinc and copper.

  • Treat colds and coughs
  • Improving digestion
  • Helps to strengthen eyesight

Treatment of sodium deficiency: If sodium is low in the body, it can cause problems such as seizures, insomnia, mental health problems, coma or even death. Salt rock improves the level of sodium in the blood due to its high sodium content.
Muscle cramps: Oral salt is very useful for relieving muscle pain.
Treatment of stomach and gastrointestinal problems:
Solving skin and hair problems It is very useful to solve skin and hair problems such as skin rejuvenation, hair volume.
Elimination of toxins in the body, in this regard, rock salt soap has a very unique effect.

To eliminate body toxins with rock salt soap, you can put salt soap in lukewarm water and put your feet in the container for 30 minutes.

Iranian mineral rock salt

Buy Mineral rock salt

Today, with the growth of technology and access to the Internet and most online shopping, if you are looking for a reliable collection of mineral salt and its unique benefits, Halito Salt Collection can help you a lot in this regard.

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Iranian mineral rock salt

With access to the largest Garmsar rock salt mine and having a rock salt factory, the Halito complex has a capacity of 5,000 tons per month for packing, loading and exporting rock salt.

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