pure white rock salt

Properties and benefits of using rock pure white rock salt at home and at work natural salt is the first and oldest disinfectant in human history. In the last forty years, many scientists in equipped laboratories have been responsible for various studies and research in the field of rock salt. Salt is one of the essential nutrients for the body and helps the body and brain function properly. But too much salt can be dangerous for the body. if you want to know about Pure White De-icing Salt; stay with us.

pure white rock salt Properties

Application of rock salt in traditional medicine of Iran and the world Salt in both seawater and rock salt has long been known in ancient Greece and was used as a useful food for digestion and excretion. From time immemorial, people have known salt as a natural medicine. In terms of traditional medicine sources, salt removes phlegm, soda and bile. It dries and removes moisture and removes obstruction and makes the skin of the face clear and appetizing.

Rock Salt is a NaCl mineral, also known as Halite, or Natural Sodium Chloride. With impurities entering the halite crystal, the mineral comes in a variety of colors, usually derived from underground mineral salts. Salt rock is usually colorless and clear, but is sometimes light in color such as blue. With the impurity entering the crystal of the halite, the mineral turns into different colors, for example, with the entry of uranium and carbon elements, it turns black. Salt rock, along with silhouette or bitter salt, is found in evaporative, hot and dry environments. The salty taste of the glass and the low hardness of this mineral have made it easy to distinguish between a group of similar minerals. Halit salt rock, also known as Himalayan salt rock, is extracted from rock salt mines in the Punjab region of Pakistan near the Himalayan mountains. The rare pink color of this salt has caused a lot of publicity about its healing properties worldwide, and millions of people around the world want to use it. After continuous and uninterrupted radiation of the sun on the surface of the early ocean of the Earth (Dead Sea), the water of this ocean evaporated and the potential energy of the sun remained in the particles of natural salt.

pure white rock salt

Where to Buy pure white rock salt

To buy rock salt in bulk and in bulk to produce all kinds of industrial salt or edible salt and industrial uses or to produce decorative salt rock with one call in a short time, get the product you want in your place.

pure white rock salt

Rock salt is the primary and natural form of salt in nature, which is used to produce a variety of industrial salts such as fishery salt, powdered salt, oyster salt, pea salt, sugar salt and drilling salt, as well as to produce refined iodized crystallized food salt. Be. Today, rock salt also has decorative uses and is used to make some handicrafts.

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