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Iran’s blue salt powder export market, the price of salt powder in the European market is very high because blue salt is not only found in Iran, its quantity is also very limited, especially its crystal type is very rare, Halito salt rock collection is the largest supplier of salt rock Blue is in Iran.

Familiarity with types of blue salt

Blue salt is a type of mineral salt that has unique properties and can only be found in Iran. Semnan blue salt rock should not be confused with Garmsar blue salt rock. If you plan to prepare blue salt crystals, note that blue salt powder is not completely blue. First-class blue salt powder is a combination of white crystal with blue streaks and pieces. If you intend to buy original blue salt powder, note that there should be less blue grains in it.

blue salt powder

Properties of blue salt powder

Blue salt is edible and is also used in the medical industry. Blue salt powder is rich in potassium, iron, calcium and other minerals. Blue salt is formed by the evaporation of seas and lakes. Blue salt mines are found in Semnan province. Blue salt powder is used in cooking and at the table.

Blue salt powder is used in the food and medical industries, and many doctors use this salt as medicine for various diseases. Among the properties of blue salt, we can mention regulating blood pressure, maintaining body balance, anti-stress, regulating sleep, better digestion of food, increasing the body’s immune system, preventing muscle cramps, oral and dental health.

Blue rock salt is also used in cosmetics and health industries. Blue rock salt is used in many exfoliating masks. This salt gives a unique and wonderful flavor to your food. Even with just one test, you can experience the feeling of relaxation and reduction of tension and anxiety.

blue salt powder

Blue rock salt export market

Blue salt powder is one of the precious salts that can only be found in Iran. There are plenty of blue salt mines in Semnan province. It can be said that one of the tourist attractions of Semnan province is its salt mines.

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blue salt powder

Blue salt rock of Semnan has many minerals. Due to the presence of this precious and useful mineral, Semnan has been able to acquire a lot of fame and prestige in the world. Semnan is known as the export market of blue salt rock and this product is exported to other countries around the world.   

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