Iran salt factory

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Garmsar Salt Factory, as one of the active production units in Garmsar area, is ready to provide you with salt of different grades, for different purposes and with the highest possible quality. In terms of resource quality, there is no doubt about the salt resources present in Garmsar and there is no need for additional explanation. But if you have any doubts about the quality of refining and refining salt in this collection, we invite you to use it.

We have no doubt that in the very first cooperation with Garmsar Salt Factory, you will also realize the quality of the products and services of this complex. So without wasting time, you can contact us directly.

Iran salt factory

Manufacturer of refined industrial salt

Iran Salt Factory, as one of the largest production units in this field, has a wide range of different products in its sales basket. Unrefined industrial salt is another practical form of salt that is offered to customers by this collection. As you probably know, our refined industrial salt is not suitable for household, nutrition or health products. However, it is widely used in various industries and there is a high demand for it.

Iran salt factory, relying on a large volume of resources and also access to the best supplies and production tools in this field, is able to meet your needs, dear friends. As a producer of unrefined industrial salt, we are ready to accompany you in a variety of projects.

Iran salt factory

Iran Blue rock salt supplier

Blue rock salt is one of the rarest types of rock salt in the world that is found only in Iran.
Halito rock Salt Group is the largest supplier of blue salt in Iran and has the ability to supply 35 tons of blue salt per month in 25 kg bags.

Application of salt in industries

As mentioned in the previous section, salt is normally very widely used, and especially in industry, it is industrial salt that has many applicants as a special form of salt refining. At Garmsar Salt Factory, we also produce quality grades and various types of industrial salt, specifically, depending on customer needs and for specific industries. This type of salt is used in livestock and poultry feed production units, industrial units related to leather and leather production, for cleaning industrial systems such as boilers, water purification and hardening, as well as in areas such as chemical industries or chipboard production. . Looking at the cases presented in this section, it can be seen that industrial salt is literally widely used. At Garmsar Salt Factory, we produce the product you need for each of these purposes in proportion and provide it to you.

Iran salt factory

Purchase from Iran salt factory

But in order to buy from Iran salt factory, you do not have a difficult path ahead and you are not going to wait. To get the best possible product with the most competitive market price as soon as possible, you can contact us directly at Iran Salt Factory.

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In this way, you can contact us through the numbers provided, not only for purchasing, but also for purchasing advice.

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