Persian blue salt

Persian blue salt monthly supply 45 tons, Persian blue salt wholesale, the best price, purchase from local supplier, in 25 kg packing.

Semnan matte blue salt exports 45 tons per month, Semnan blue salt is sent all over the country for the domestic market at a very reasonable price for customers of the Halito collection. This product is exported to all parts of the world and delivered to the destination country.

Properties of Persian blue salt

Blue salt is one of the rarest and oldest salts in the world, which is mined only in Semnan province. The properties of Semnan matte blue salt are unique in their kind. In the following, we review these properties together:

  • Semnan blue salt is rich in potassium. The presence of potassium is very important to strengthen the heart.
  • Semnan blue salt also contains calcium, which is very useful for strengthening the bones of the body and their growth.
  • One of the important properties of these salts is the presence of magnesium in them. If you want to have healthy teeth and remove fatigue from your muscles, you must provide enough magnesium for your body.
  • Because Semnan blue salt is left over from old and dried oceans, it has no pollution and is known as one of the cleanest and purest salts in the world.

Persian blue salt

What is the use of blue rock salt?

Blue salt of Semnan is difficult to discover and extract. In addition to the properties we mentioned, this product has many uses in human life, which can be interesting to examine. We present some of them to you:

  • Cooking: Semnan matte blue salt has a pleasant aroma. For this reason, if this salt is used in foods, it will give them a unique taste and aroma.
  • Collection: Due to the attractive appearance of Semnan matte blue salt, the use of this salt in decoration design can attract others.
  • Treatment: Because these salts are rich in potassium, they are extremely useful for dealing with depression and reducing nervous pressure.

Persian blue salt

Persian blue salt for export

Naturally, since Semnan opaque blue salt is rare in the world, it has a much higher price compared to other salts. For this reason, Semnan blue salt is not paid much attention in our country. In fact, the main destinations of these salts are important European and American countries. Semnan blue salt always has many fans in Germany, Spain, England, Italy, America and some other important countries of the world. Due to the limited extraction of Semnan blue salt, which usually reaches 400 tons per year, there is a fierce competition between different countries of the world to buy it.

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Persian blue salt

This competition is considered a unique opportunity for Iranian exporters and anyone who can use this opportunity will experience many economic successes in the future.

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